What is the price prediction for WEKU DOLLAR??

I think the value will be next to zero, and I would guess something like $0.001 or something like that. Not only is there a huge amount of coins going around there compared to on Steem, but there's also some problems with the blockchain, and I still believe that they have a lot of work to do before there will be any value in WEKU or WEKU Dollar. 

Anyway, the free market obviously decides, so it will be exciting to see what it will be valued at. The market has shown itself to not really be in line with the development of the blockchain itself, so my prediction might be very wrong. 


Hard to say how things are but currently there is no value add to it nor enough thing to remove itself from being compared to Steem. Other are calling it a Steemit clone with buggy issues on the blockchain. 

I would be surprised if it will reach at least 5 cents in the near future. Maybe as it steps away from the shadow of Steem there is a possibility it will increase in value. 


If you have been reading the latest reports on Weku then I would say it has no value whatsoever. Weku is a clone of Steemit but it has major flaws.

Steemit is decentralized and Weku isn't. That is a major problem going forward. I have seen posts on Weku that have $100's of Weku dollars next to them but it is meaningless and worthless.

From the reports I heard it is  a scam and the chances of it surviving are close to nil.If you are on Weku you are way better off of finding another clone that is decentralized. 

Competition is healthy for Stemit and I am all or these other sites but do some research and don't waste your time. If it is not decentralized then what is the point. 


Same as all other crypto right now. Going to drop like a rock untill bitcoin gets its feet back under it. Weku is much like what whaleshares is going through right now with price drops.