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What is the must natural way to grow on steemit and still be profitable? ?

Sadly, I have to say, there isn't really a way to naturally grown on Steemit and be profitable.  At least not in the short term and probably not to the extent that any of us are hoping.  I think it is easy to hop on Steemit for the first time and hit the "Trending" page and think about how easy it must be to make money on here.  After you are on the platform for a short amount of time, you soon realize that it can be very hard to make that kind of money.  

I think if you put in the hard work and continue to build your account, you can eventually make some decent money assuming the price of Steem finally goes up again.  

My best advice is to try to invest a little bit of your own money if you can.  That will help you in several ways.

Let's say you were able to pull together $150 that you could invest in some Steem.  That would get you about 450 Steem that you can then power up into SP.  Now that you have added that SP to your account, people will notice and they will see that your vote is going to be worth more.  You might get a handful new followers because people are upvoting you in hopes that you will upvote them back.

You can then also delegate out some of your SP to groups and projects that you support.  There are many projects on Steem that will give you a free upvote on your posts when you have delegated some SP to them.  It is a good idea to take advantage of some of those benefits.  I have a couple of projects that I get a free upvote on pretty much everything I post just because I am delegating to them.  

That passive income that you have coming in will help you grow your account more quickly.  The cool thing is, you can remove the delegation at any time and you haven't lost your investment or your SP.  It is still yours to do whatever you want with.

Curation is hugely important and if you do it right like @cryptoandcoffee, you can make some decent returns by maximizing your curation rewards.  He might reply to this question himself, but I know he has been consistently growing his account by posting and utilizing his curation rewards for the best possible return. 

Finally, you need to make sure you are engaging with others on the blockchain.  I am able to bring in around 5 SP per day just from comment rewards for commenting on peoples posts and interacting with them.  As I said, in the short term those numbers might not seem that impressive and they aren't going to get you much return.  If the price of Steem goes back up though, all of those rewards that I have been reinvesting back into my account will make a huge impact.

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To grow on steemit,you have to be posting everyday, write good contents to attract curators,interact on other people's blog and also join contests to help you earn.


Growing on steemit isn't easy if you want to depend on other people's upvote alone. Below are some ways you can grow fast on the platform:

1. Join several communities of your interest and be active in such communities.

2. Try to engage more with other users on the platform by commenting on their posts and also supporting them

3. Participate in contests.

4. Share or post good contents

5. Have some money to invest so that you can be able to seek the services of bid bots. This is the fastest way to grow on the platform