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Is sex a waste of fucking time?

If some cases yeah it is. It is a waste of time if you are a woman and you are doing it with someone that you don't really like. 

It is if you are a man and you are doing it with someone that you don't really like. 

It is a total waste of time when you are not in the mood to do that no matter of you are a woman or a man.

However it is definitely not a waste of time if you are in a great couple relationship or just met someone you are attracted to a lot and he/she feels the same.

Is definitely not a waste of time if you wanna have kids. 

Over all and in most of the cases, in my opinion is not a waste of time. Otherwise people would not skip almost on anything just to have sex.

Also there wouldn't have been invested a lot of time and energy in writing hundreds of books about sexuality and of course not being a waste of time. 

However as I mentioned, there are some situations in which is really a waste of time.

That's my opinion or should I say opinions. Have a great day!


I like the wording of your question.

In short, no.

Without sex there would be no breeding. And no breeding means no new people.

And no new people means a decline in the earths population. Which has some positive implications from a purely environmental perspective, but in terms of continuing the existence of our species, not a positive thing at all.

So, sex is not a waste of fucking time. In fact you could probably say that it is a vital part of our continued existence.  And us humans can be pretty cool when we choose to be so it would be a shame for us to no longer be around.

And add to that how fun it is, then yeah, sex is great. It's a shame that I'm in a hotel room about 2000km away from my wife right now....


 Everything can be a waste of time, unless you do what you really want.
Sex is like eating food, it will give you a dopamine boost, what will make you even more creative, sharper and motivated to do what ever you planted to do on that day. It can be used in a very creative way in your daily life.
So sex is not a waste of time. In fact it's the best way to wast your time. The second best is sleeping, then eat and then what ever you can think of. But it all depends on with who and how you have sex with.
It's like eating steak is great, but everyday no. And a cracker can be sweet sometimes to, but to eat that every day? No. Same thing count for sex. It's needed to find a balance in sex, to make sure that sex can fulfill every desire what you wanted .
That saying life is all about doing what you want, and if your not doing what you want, then you are wasting your time. And if you think if sex is a waste of time, then ask yourself what do you really desire with sex. And if your partner can't fulfill that, then indeed you are wasting your time! 


I think Anything can be a fucking waste of time if you're not present.  If you are fully present and aware then whatever you are doing is worthwhile, and will contribute to your self growth.  If you are not present, if your inner world is spinning out of control without you being aware of it, thoughts of past and future spinning aimlessly, then anything you do is a waste of your time. 

This is why television is such a waste of time.  the whole purpose of the idiot box is to take peoples awareness away from them.  Generally sex requires much more presence of mind than watching television so if you have to choose between the two, get horizontal.  hopefully with someone you love and can *grow* with ;)


Sex is not a waste of fucking time. Fucking time is for fucking. 


Don't waste time, sell your body. Time = Money