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How would life be without science and technology?

This is really a great question.

Life will still remain the life it use to be before science and technology arrived and I see life in another way different from this present life with science and technology.

Maybe I see the life without science and technology as the life that people will still lived even more than the 200 age mark. There will still be some huge believe in some sorts of ancestors and gods and I see this life without science and technology been more with peace and rest of mind than this present life.

I see the life without science and technology as a life that the level at which people die will reduce and the rate at which sickness is been popular presently will not be so. It will the life that there will be a decrease in the dead of people through some sickness and the usenof herbs will be used more than the present use of science and technology.

I completely see life without science and technology different from this life with science and technology.



Life would be extremely boring without science and technology. We would all be living a primitive life if science and technology never existed.

God our creator has a reason for giving humans knowledge and wisdom to be able to come up with inventions that are beneficial to humans.

I don't think we would even see a need for clothing ourselves if not for science and technology.

Humans have really developed both in intellects and also in inventions year after year.

There are a lot of things that would not be possible if not for science and technology. Things like, seeing a movie on television ,listening to news on radio, travelling to space, communicating with a loved one on mobile phone, chatting on social media to mention but a few.

The existence of science and technology has enabled humans live a more advanced life. Humans would have been living a very boring and primitive life if not for the existence of science and technology.


Without science and technology we would not be able to be on a great platform like musing.io,how will we be to access the website if there was no phone or computer which was developed by the power of science and technology??

without science and technology there will be no internet for us to access informations  like we often used to do in our society,without science and technology life would actually be more difficult and also our world would be void of great developments...

Science and technology helps us to develop tools which would make life more interesting to us,..without science and technology i believe that we humans would be more primitive and feel empty....