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Do you think that altcoins will ever decouple from BTC in terms of market trends?

That time will definitely come and hopefully in next 5 years or so in my opinion. The best ideal case would be when the entire world will start recognizing crypto and also start adopting, however the process and progress is still on. But we have not yet reached a point to claim such a domain because the regulatory body and the different govt across world are still framing something for crypto which is in process as of now. So this is one one part which will decide the crypto assets to independently trade and not as a wholesome of the crypto sentiment.

The second most important thing will happen in the crypto domain which is the most promising blockchain solution for the commercial and retail sector. The barrier of entry is also included in that. The type blockchain solution which can offer as very easy blockchain solution to adapt in a most user friendly way without having to have a developer's skill will be the projects which trend on its own fundamental value and such crypto porjects will rock the market beyond imagination. Blockchain is already there since 2009, so the next best solution and challenge is to make it adaptable to the mass which includes a broad market which includes geek as well as non-geek, which includes individual, retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

I think some of the projects must have been working on this and when we can see such a blockchain solution then you should anticipate that it can further refine the blockchain era and scale it further to a new high, the barrier of entry will be lowered and a common man can adopt blockchain technology in his daily life very easily.