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What measures should we take to prevent air pollution?

Well, I guess, the one thing that I am doing to reduce my own carbon footprint. I am planting more trees in my garden. I have been always busy planting some plants in my garden. It can actually take in some amount of CO2 although I don't believe it would be much, at least my CO2 that I breath goes somewhere. 

I guess if everyone started planting trees just even by random around places in the country and city, a decade from now or even twenty, the amount of CO2 would greatly reduce. I think the next thing is that, we should all slowly use more public transport assuming that public transport is good. Do more pooling with your peers when going to work or to some spots. 

In singapore, what the government actually does is to get the car owners to renew their license every ten years at a very expensive fee. This is one the ways that the singapore government keeps new cars on the road and new cars usually have better fuel efficiency would usually be better for the environment. 

Educate the younger generation on the importances of having trees and plants in a country. Let them know why it is really important for plants to be in a country and what they could do to have a better future. Having seeds of knowledge like this embedded into those young minds would let them understand why it is important for each and every one of us to keep our trees and cut less. 

One thing that singapore has done was giving stress to Indonesian companies for forest fires. This has reduce the haze. In the past, the haze was really bad due to some companies which wanted to burn the forest and destroy the environment in order to make profits but luckily they got punished really badly. 


There are several remedies that can be made to overcome the problem.

First of all we should try to use alternative fuels which are environment friendly.

Second step that could be taken is to save the trees, plant more and more trees.

Infrastructural changes should be made in such a way that it should be minimize effect of environment.

Maximum efforts should be made to minimize the use of electricity.

Efforts should be made that work place should be closer to home so as to save fuel and energy.

Consume healthy and natural food.

Avoid unnecessary usage of energy.  

Teach our children to save the tress involve them in environment friendly activities.


in my opinion, the best way to prevent air pollution is by planting many trees. this is the best way to prevent air pollution.