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New Year | New Resolutions! What's Your Plan behind following them and Would you Upgrade or Make any Changes after they are a part of your Daily Routine?

This year I set out to do a lot of new things, including enrolling in a cooking course. I will surely learn many things that will help me in my daily life, but my intention, another purpose, is to make a food business.

Among my plans is to meet new people, and I have already begun to do so in steemit. I can interact daily with people from all over the world: Holland, Croatia, Singapore, United States, Colombia, Spain; in short, many people who have taught me new things that have to do with culture, education and even religion. This new year I hope to strengthen those relationships and expand that circle of friends.

I have also set out to read and write more, which will surely help me not only to polish my language skills but also my creativity. Maybe I'll start keeping a diary in which I can write everything that happens to me in the form of a story. It's an idea that I've been very enthusiastic about and I think it's going to do me a lot of good.

As for simpler questions, I've decided to be more grateful, happier, lighter. Life is just one to be wasted on nonsense.


For this next year I have several purposes.

I want to devote more time to myself, my body and my spirit. I want to learn how to do yoga and I will look for a place where I can practice it. I want to do more exercise, more every day to take care of my health.

I want to see all the movies I have pending and read the books I have on my nightstand.

I want to spend much more time with my family and friends, life is very short and you have to treasure moments with the people you love.

I want to remain active in Steemit because it has been my escape valve in the midst of adversity, so I will plan well the hours of the day to be able to do so. 

I want to continue in my work and support my daughter to finish her college career, God give me the strength and resistance to do it in this country.

And, finally, to continue living life, with good and bad because life is beautiful anyway.


I gave up on those years ago. You normally stick to them for a month or so and then it goes back to normal.

I think if you have an addiction like smoving is different and you are doing it for health reasons. A change of lifestyle is a big one to commit to.

I think you have to make some changes to them as what your resolution was may not be achievable. This is the main reason why they normally don't work.

I have changed to smaller resolutions that are achievable now. Over the years you learn to do slight adjustments to your lifestyle.