Indeed! the Steem Blockchain has been a Blessing and an Ocean of Opportunities for Innovators and Knowledge Seekers like us?

Yes! You are actually right about this. The steem blockchain has taught me so many things which I never knew about with the help of Musing. I ask questions I find very ambiguous or difficult to answer and I get explicit and comprehensive answers from great experts on the steem blockchain. I am also able to provide answers to people questions provided I am knowledgeable about the question being asked.

The steem blockchain has also enabled me to be creative such that I think differently and mostly outside the box because Steemit doesn't tolerates plagiarism. I always have to stay in a quite environment as this will enable me to think and focus anytime I wrote posts other than getting distracted in a lousy or unfavorable environment. My creativity is as a result of the strict nature adopted by the steem blockchain as you may get flagged if you plagiarize on the platform.

Musing has also helped me to sharpen my writing and reading skills because without those two factors, you may not earn very cool on Musing. I will have to make my post more explicit and presentable without any form of plagiarism so that I can get curated by the curators which enables me to gain more upvote from Musing on the steem blockchain. This has really helped me a lot because I can now write confidently and I don't usually feel tired when reading unlike before.

Apart from learning on the steem blockchain, I am also able to earn cool cash for my hard work on the platform and this is an incentive which motivates me everyday to keep making use of the Steem blockchain.

In conclusion, the steem blockchain has helped me in terms of learning which adds more to my knowledge and earning which adds more to my wallet.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Well said. Steem block chain is the opportunity to collect lot of reward in the form of knowledge and wealth. It gives you opportunity to show your talent around the globe. I know a lot of my countrymen who are using Steem lockchain for earning their bread and their educational expanses. Steem provides your different platform like dtube musing dlive arranging to show your creativity increase your knowledge and skill and get good reward. Steem block chain also helps to fulfill people socializing needs


Yes, Steem blockchain is one blockahin which can be said to have a great opportunity to grow, especially if SMT can be released properly. Steem will once again be able to attract investors from various circles, and that is what we look forward to. However, it needs hard work from the developer to make the big adoption well realized.