Reviews on the statement, "Education is a life long process?

This is something really deep and indeed a necessity in our life. Though some people might disagree to that but at some point on their life they do get to understand the rel value of of it. 

From the perspective of mine I do believe that the more you learn the more you grow it does not really matter on which stage of your life you are learning or who you are learning from.

From the early stages of our life we start to learn things the little steps that we get to learn from the beginning of our life, those broken words that we get to learn and slowly as time time passes by we get to learn the goods and bad of this world.

While this is just the start than comes the Education (in terms of School/Colleges) where we get to learn things that are important and those are not important as well. As a matter of fact we get to create the foundation of life within those particular years. Some prospers on the particular criteria and some gets off of that track and gets to realize what life is in real time value. (Rare amount of people gets success).

The next comes in terms of dealing with life's situation. This types of situations does reminds us many positive and negative things along the way. From this situations we get to decide what and who we are. Life could be the real teacher for many of us in various ways. 

The words of books and pen are not the only way of education in our life !!! 

The Education that we get to learn from our life stages which shows us the way of being better than we are . Allows us to develop our self from the the person that we already are. The surroundings or even someone who is older than me or some one who is younger than me I sure can learn something from those people and educate myself in that regard. 

During this period of our life we get to realize that  every thing can not be taken in good ways some bad things happen to us to educate us for the purpose of good and allows us to improve our self in the long run of our life. 

To sum up I do believe that "Education is indeed a life long Process"

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Recently I came across a news from my state, Kerala here in India, that a 96 year old grandma scored  98 out of 100 in her 10th grade exam! There are quite a lot of instances where elders aged over 60 entering university education and performing  way better than the youth. That being said, we must agree that one's level of education cannot be judged based on the weight of certificates he/ she has. It should rather be the outcome of once knowledge and understanding.

I have seen many people who end the process of learning once they get out of the school or College. These people, I am damn sure, are the ones who never enjoy their life and would always be unsuccessful in whatever process they venture into!

No matter which profession or which stage of the life now you are in, if you show the proclivity towards staying updated, believe me, you come under that small fraction of flock that get success in their life. 

If you are a farmer having no formal education,  you must make the use of new technologies to enhance your yielding. . You can automate a lot of your farming related works only if you know automation and machine learning.

If you are a retired person, then you need not to worry about your long gone youthfulness.  Age is just a number. You can learn anything at anytime if you have the desire. learn programming, blogging, a new language... pretty much anything you learn will pave ways towards every kind of success and thereby a blissful life!

However, one thing  I must mention here is that, without even our knowledge, we are learning a lot. It can be the name of the person that you met today, the thing you read now, or whatever you are going through right now,. Everything has something there to contribute towards increasing your knowledge. So education indeed is a life long process that no one can prohibit!


It's funny but I used to think the saying meant that we all have to go to school for our whole lifetime.

The first time I ever heard it I was about nine years old about to graduate primary school. I remember how enthusiastic and elated I was then, because I was about to finish the first phase of education in life.

I hated school and to me I was about to take the first step in making sure I never had to go to school anymore forever and ever.

I had already planned it arranged it and had it all fugured out in my head--finish primary schooling, endure secondary schooling/high school, and breeze through the university/college with awe and fury, and then: welcome eternal freedom!

So I was about to take the first tangible step of the process. The critical path so to speak. Finish primary school. Then imagine my frustration when someone, an adult, told me on graduation day, that education is not something that ends. Education is a life-long process.

I wanted to disappear into the ground. To me that was the worst and most cruel news anybody could give. Education was forever? Doesn't that means, inevitably, that schools were also forever? Noooooo. The horror!

So I imagined: what a dreary life we're living in! What's the point of everything if we're all just going to go to schools all our lives!

But of course I was wrong. Yes education is a life-long process. But what is meant by that is not that we're all going to go to schools all our lives. No. It means Life is a school. And there's no graduating it.

Just as in a conventional school, or even more so, we learn new things in life every single day. And we keep on learning for the rest of all our lives. This is what is meant by education being forever. It's a way of explaining the finitude of our knowledge in relation to the infinite nature of all knowledge on earth.

No man knows it all. You can't know it all. Life always have something new to offer each and every day. So even though you go to school, learn for as long as possible, go to all the classes and lectures and dissertations, graduate on top of your class. Your education still continues.

You are only trading teachers.

Socrates, the wisest man to ever live, some would argue, had the basis of his wisdom not in the fact that he its every thing life had to offer, but because of the exact opposite--he knew that he did not know.

And so all his life he sought wisdom as diligently and as piously as possible. So that even when he became the wisest man, he never felt as though he "knew" anything. He knew, though, that life was a journey of endless education.

And it is in an attempt to pass this Wisdom on to us that the saying began. Education is a life-long process. Doubt feel as though you know it all. Doubt take pride in your forms education or your degrees and certifications or your knowledge of an art or craft.

Because no matter what you know, you can never know it all. There is no limit to your education!

Cheers and have a nice day!


YES, Education is a lifelong process. 

School only teaches us what they think we should know. If you stop learning when you stop schooling, then you are no different than an illiterate. Because most of the things you would know and what you will use in real life cases would not come from what you will learn from school. You will learn/pick up from situations, books or people around.

We learn everyday and to be in the know of everything happening especially in this 21st century, we must never stop learning. 

Someone said, the day we stop learning is the day we start dying.

Learning does not stop at the four walls of the University, it is way beyond that. Learning entails the experiences, the people we meet, the places we go, the things we hear, the things we see and most of all, the things we read.

At every point in my lives, we should never stop learning, we must pay attention to every lesson life tries to teach us. Education is a lifelong experience and not a one time thing.


It simply means that learning never stops. This is not just about education for a man's life composes of various aspects. Everyday in our life, we may learn anything. We may learn something worth our time, from our friends or from strangers. What we had in school are just the basics in life. What is more is what we'll be exploring after school and studies and those are more valuable. It also correlates to experience. What we have experienced for sure, it has some lifelong lessons and teachings.


Of course it is!

I really wanted that to be the sum and answer to my whole response. But I got a little miffed at one of the other comments. I spent 20 years in the education system as a teacher. I was an English teacher to begin with but soon progressed to being a spotter of talent. 

Those were the kids who had already got a passion for reading, for sports, for music, for art, for something. Some of them only had one talent in the array of subjects selected by the education system. Some had many. 

I was also a spotter of potential. Now these kids hadn't met their talent yet. They didn't know they had the spark with which to ignite an enjoyment of something you found easy. They had not yet met their passion. It was my job to introduce them and connect them together. Hey kid meet passion. Brilliant, they became best friends.

I was also a spotter of grim determination. I loved these kids. They were workers. They were diligent. They did everything asked of them, and then some more. They were polite, thoughtful, helpful and great to have around. They joined in with as many activities as they could and were everyone's best friend. 

I was also a spotter of struggle and fear. These kids broke my heart. I often felt helpless. I didn't know enough. I hadn't learnt how to help. Thankfully though, I knew other teachers. I knew how much passion and energy they put into their work. The kids were their responsibility. If they were hurt, there was a school community that was there to see it was made better. We were a team.

I was a learner. I didn't stop learning. I wanted to be the best teacher I could be. 

When finally, I left teaching, I felt like a failure. For all the talented kids I spotted, for all those kids who had potential and I saw their spark, for all those kids who had grim determination and I set their tasks, it was the kids who kept struggling that made me stay a teacher for as long as I did. But it was also because of my belief that I couldn't really make a difference that I left.

I know now though, that I did the best I could have done at the time. There was a lot that I did well, but there was also so much that I needed learn to have done even better. Learning is taking place every day for everyone. It never stops.

You can sometimes be the teacher but you'll always, always be a learner.

So, for me it isn't so much that "education is a life long process" but that learning is a "life long process".  Education is the bringing up of children; learning is growth.


Education is a life long process, and if one has stopped learning, one has stopped learning. Now, learning is multi-faceted as we live life. When we are born, we learn to cry every time we need to eat and poop. Soon we learn to recognise our parents and then we learn to say our first words, ususally 'da-da'/'mama'. As we progress through childhood, we learn about feats of human greatness by learning languages, math, science, history - a summary of all knowledge acquired by mankind. We learn to make friends, we learn to fend off enemies, how to resist bullies and how to laugh, cry, share and care. We learn to survive in our adult life. 

We slowly move to being a teen, and we learn to be independent, and a pain in the ass for our parents. We hit puberty and we learn to talk to the opposite sex, or the same sex, depending on the orientation. We learn to start relationships, foster them or breakup. During a job, we learn to earn money, spend money, and plan for our future. I think you get the picture. I dont want to describe human life here. But throughout our life, we learn to adapt to different situations we are thrown in and we learn to survive. We get stronger and when we get old, we pass on this knowledge to our family. 

Education is a life long process, one has to keep their eyes. ears and brain open. Absorb knowledge and we will walk out a winner. We haven't learnt anything about our final fate yet which is death but then there are some things left unknown. At some point the brain needs a long needed rest. :)


This statement is indeed very true. As long as we are alive, we never cease learning.

Education does not necessarily refer to the learning we acquired while we are at school. Even if we have finished a degree, we are still in the process of learning. It If you think that since you have finished a degree you have all the knowledge you need in Life. You are wrong. The schools, colleges and universities will only teach us how to make a living, but not how to make the most out of Life.

If you think that you should stop learning now because you are already well - equipped with all the training you need, then think again. As the times move past, everyday Life is giving us lessons but we are just too busy making  a living that we do not take attention to it. In the end, we keep making that same mistakes over and over again. The hard part here is that in life, we are given the tests first and the lessons afterwards. 

The mistakes you've made in the past or the good things you've done, the right and wrong decisions you've made will define who you are today. If we don't pay attention to the lessons our mistakes and wrong decisions in the past have given us, then we will continue to do those things. If we don't pay attention to the lessons the right decisions we've made in the past, then we don't have a guide to improve ourselves.

So, to improve ourselves, we need to reflect on all our everyday situations and take by heart the lessons it bring.

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"Education is a life long process" could have multiple meanings.

What comes first in my mind when I read about this quote is that, as long as we live, we will be learning something. There is always something new to learn. Everyday as we go on living, we may discover things around us or within ourselves. It could be a new information, experience, weakness, strength or feeling.

We will discover and learn more about life as we grow older. What we believe or knew today might not be the same tomorrow. That is why we keep on learning and educate ourselves for the better or worst.

We cannot stop learning anything cause it is part of living.


It depends on an individuals definition of education. To me education is imparting knowledge or skill. Education is not only when one attends a school. We can also say education is any form of learning.

I concur that education is a life long process because no one ever ceases to learn. Till the day a man dies, he cannot stop learning.

So no one can affirm that he has learnt so much so in that case, he is the wisest. Only God knows everything.

Life is full of discoveries. That is why day by day, scientists keep inventing new things after much discoveries.

Even academic professors learn new things outside the four walls of school which they have never known.

Education is a an all round thing, that is why it is beneficial for a kid to be taught things pertaining to 'common sense' before being enrolled in school. Why I am saying this is because most people go to big schools but end up not being able to handle situations using their social, psychological, mental knowledge in handling situations.

So education is not just an academical thing but instead i see it as the act of learning in any aspect of life.


Education is a continuous process. It will not end even until we grow old. We learn new things from the environment, as well as technology which is evolving.

When we talk about education, it's not about having a formal education starting from pre-school, to grade school, high school, and then universities. It may have its extension through masterals and doctorates. However, when we talk about education, it's about the process of learning. It can even start from being at our mother's womb which our mom may already be talking to us. Until we we're born, we're already learning as they talk to us.

That's why I believe education is a life-long process because there's learning from being at our mom's womb even up to our death, as long as our brain still functions.


Yes I do agree that this is something that everyone should do life long. Life long learning is when we have an open mind towards the different aspects of life at the moment.

we get to learn new things.

Many of my friends after graduating just stopped upgrading their skill sets and stop reading books or learn new things. Imagine doing that for the next ten years I guess everything around the world has already upgraded or changed except his mindset which has maintain at the state of previous times.

Learning is important especially if we want our brains to forever be at a peak performance stage. The more we use it, the better it becomes. Reading is just like a workout. It's tough to do but the benefits are endless and a person who learns is a person who would be able to adapt into new things.


 Looking at education as the process of facilitating learning, we can say education is positioning one's self on the path

Viewing education as the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits shows education as pivotal to the transfer of life, culture, values and beliefs. This implies that without education, the society becomes stagnated.  Our societies are dynamic when we open up to learn new things, language, culture, name them. It is  through education that the aged father gets to advise his young children on how to live.

Knowledge when rightly applied births wisdom and a man of wisdom will always be relevant. For  everyone to grow in wisdom, such must always go for education irrespective of his /her age.


Yes Education is a life long process because everyday has its own special lessons with experience and failures as one of its most greatest and valuable teachers.

Unfortunately not everyone is going to graduate out of the school of hardknocks using what they have learned out of it to better their lives.

There is always something new to learn as the world is evolving at a rapid pace.New technologies or new ways of doing things are sweeping away the relics of the past.

Even then these relics still have their place in the world and knowledge of them might prove useful someday to its custodian.So yeah Education stops when we are all six feet under.


@Sweven, In my opinion, life is an process of Experiences and experiences are nothing both the lessons (Education). And i think that life can teach us lot more than any book of this world because past is the lesson, current is pursuance of lessons and implementation of new actions to achieve goals and future will tell how well we've learnt from the lesson.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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As time goes by and society, science and technology is progressing you cannot simply stop learning, otherwise you miss out.


Not many truer statements exist.

Education in that statement does not only refer to the one you get in a formal institution but also the one's life teaches you cruelly or subtly everyday. Everyday comes with different lessons from life for those that are eager to learn.

Nobody is wise enough to not make mistakes at all, but the wise are those that rarely repeat the same mistakes. Education takes conscious efforts, meaning we have to listen to life and take note of our mistakes and those of others. Just as we do in schools.

So we have to make education a life process, because noone knows it all and we never know when next the lessons of today will come handy again. But we never learn if we don't listen to life and pay attention to it's lessons.

The experience and mistakes of yesterday defined who we are today. Like those of today will determined who we will become tomorrow. So to become better version of ourselves, our education can never stop, whether those we learn from informal institution, experiences, searching and so on. Once we stopped educating ourselves, then we start dieing.