WHAT are the benefits of racism?
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The question is a valid one, considering that there are people (I’m not saying the person who asked the question is one of them) who actually think that racism is a good thing. Most of us would like to believe that common sense is the most commonly use of our senses; well, it is not. Reason and logic may be wired into our physical constitution but they take some exercising to work properly. 

In the same way some people may think that racism has its advantages, others may think that keeping women in the domestic sphere is good and that the old good days where women stayed home and only men worked should be back. There will always be some facts and figures to quote that may suggest that one thing is better than the other. Some people argue, for instance, that because Maduro was allegedly recognized as legitimate by 112 countries and he won his election with allegedly more than 60%, all those calling for a boycott on his second term are idiots (forget about the disasters caused (hunger, destruction of the economy) or the violations of the constitution, the dead and tortured). 

In the same way some people in South Africa may think that the current disaster (which may end up in a civil war) is the consequence of ending apartheid, some people in the United States may argue that the current social problems with violence, crime and vices is the result of the south losing the Civil War and communists giving too many civil rights to blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, gays, and women. Some people in Venezuela have argued that the revolution that destroyed it was driven by racist resentment disguised as class struggle.

If anything, the current mess in South Africa, judging by some statements from radical black leaders, may precisely be the result of reversed racism. You may call it payback, compensation or justice, but if what you do is to allow a group to dominate another forcefully, nothing good can come out of that. You may beat a dog to submission, you may argue you have made it obedient and disciplined (all dictators think of themselves as benefactors), but that dog does not respect you, it may fear you, it most likely hates you and will bite you or desert you as soon as it can.

Society is not any different. There is no such a thing as knowing our place. If that were the case, no white should have ventured into Indian, Asian or African territory. Those were not their places. They had not been born there. Peoples enter other territories motivated by a variety of reasons, from geographical or climatic imperatives to mere personal ambition. There is no natural right of one race to rule over others. The ruling has always been contingent to physical or military power; more recently economic power can do the trick, but even that is possible after some muscle has been shown.

There are no benefits.

What can one possibly gain from discriminating another human, be him Black or White. Racism only rekindles hatred and everything negatives that comes with it.

It's really bad for one to hate another based on the skin colour or beliefs. God created us equally.

Why do we then treat others like a piece of shit?

Racism only brings hatred, destruction and war attimes

There are no benefits of racism, there's never been any benefit to racism and there will never be any benefits to racism whatsoever. I must say I'm a little upset that someone would even ask such a question especially when it concerns such a delicate matter but I guess everyone has a right to ask their questions, maybe you just want to know if there's any benefit to it at all and that's fine.

Racism is a terrible thing, it's literally the worst sickness that's ever struck the hearts and minds of the human inhabitants of this planet. There's no benefit to being sick and there's no benefit to being a racist or racism as a whole. There are only demerits and drawbacks. I can't for the life of me think of any possible benefit, all it does is make people hate each other more and cause more division between the races.

There can never be a benefit to racism, whether it's black people being racially abused or doing the abusing, or whatever for it shows itself, it's just wrong, we're all human beings and to discriminate on the basis of colour or race can never have any benefit.

I hope this helps.

I wouldn't have a clue as I have lived with racism for most of my life. I would like to see a world without it so we could compare the differences.

If you list hatred,anger,jealousy,violence and many other nasty words as some of the benefits ,then you have a warped mind.

To me, I say racism do not have any benefits. Instead, racism brings some bad effects like hatred, conflicts, disagreement, jealousy, and fighting. So to me, I don't think racism have any benefits.


In some regions, racism actually promoted economic growth and social stability. South Africa was much better for all races before Apartheid ended. In the old days, every race knew their place, and everyone worked on efficiently to develop the country.

Now with affirmative policies in place, South Africa is just going downhill.

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Segregation, violence, stereotypes, closed borders, you know all the things that we should be working to eliminate.