Is there a time limit for getting upvote in musing.io?
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Not really. Musing upvotes every 24 hours. If you make your post, that is ask your question or provide your answer before musing next upvote, it is likely that your post gets upvoted on the next round of Musing upvote. If it doesn't happen that way, then your post should get upvoted on the next round.

But keep in mind that, it is not compulsory to get an upvote from Musing, it doesn't come all the time, so just have fun while asking and answering questions.

They are voting every day so chances are your comments get upvoted withing 24 hours or so. 

There's no time limit in upvoting a post or comment, but authors and curators only receive payouts from upvotes within 7 days from the publication time of a post/comment.

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There's no time limit

However, if you're focused on the upvote, I recommend that you focus on questions asked within the last 12 hours from when you log in

Musing upvotes every day but I think they focus more on answers to fresh questions

I think so. Musing only upvotes recent questions and answers when they are online. They hardly check questions and answers that are over let's say 12hrs. Since the upvotes are not done automatically, they only upvotes recent questions and answers

There are several nice questions and wonderful answers all over the platform that didn't get any support because they were answered when those upvoting questions and answers on the platform we're not online.