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What will you do when you know you have an illness?

Depends on what the illness is.

If it's something small like say a minor cold, home remedies are best. Some tea for a sore throat, rest and fluids for a flu, ect.

Anything bigger than that see a healthcare professional. Get a diagnosis, then do your own research along side what they think you should do. Contrary to popular belief doctors do not always know what they're doing, especially if you know something is wrong but they insist you're fine. Too many stories of people dismissed by doctors and then finding out they had something that was just overlooked, you know?

Once you've decided on a course of treatment that fits what you've researched and their recommendations go ahead, but keep track of your progress every step of the way. If you feel something needs to be changed bring it up with your doctor, and if they dismiss you and won't even discuss the possibilities find another doctor.

But either way, seek medical help if it's more than just a small something. If you can make sure you get your flu shots yearly to keep up herd immunity and keep yourself from getting sick and take care of yourself via exercise, eating right and staying hydrated as much as you possibly can.


It depends on the illness. 

If it's something minor, I'll try to get some home remedies, a natural cure so I don't have to take medications. I find it a good way to treat many illnesses. A flue or a cold can be treated with tea, honey, lemon and other remedies. Using different teas you can cure a lot of illnesses, not to mention oils. 

If there's something serious, then I'll consult a doctor, a specialist as soon as possible. there are illnesses that need medical attention and it's best you act right away, and don't waste precious time. 


Health is wealth. You can't be on Musing if you're not healthy. Not being in a good state of health hinders a lot of things.

So, if I discover I have some form of illness, I will immediately seek medical attention.

I would visit the hospital and run some tests to know what exactly the problem is and why such illness has come upon me.

I would also make intercessions to God because the Bible says, "He, himself took our infirmities".

He, talking about GOD.

If God took it, then I can't have it.


When I learned that I was suffering from an illness, I would go straight to the hospital and see a doktor specialist according to the disease I was experiencing. Because if i have a disease and delay to see a doctor something is very fatal. The name of the disease, however small, will scratch the body if it does not immediately treat it.


@Syarke, First of all i will going to find out about the Illness and will perform the needed actions and activities. But yes, sometimes it's not that easy as words because in some cases we are not even know we are facing illness and we continue in that phase only and inturn this phase is more painful. But we have to fight hard and have to defeat our illness if we have one.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂