I haven't visited Steemit in a long time, can anyone help me to enter?

Firstly, I welcome you back to Steemit after your long time absence on the platform. There are actually lot of changes attributed to this #newsteem after the implementation of the recent hardfork and I can confidently tell you that Steemit has really developed and seems to be very okay compared to the previous periods.

I felt astonished after going through your question about you wanting someone or anyone to help you log into your Steemit account. This is actually not really advisable as it could lead to you loosing your funds and other important information or details in your profile.

In conclusion, I actually it's advisable for you to allow any stranger on Steemit access your Steemit account for proper privacy safety and wallet security. Even though you want someone to enter your Steemit account, I suggest such person must be the person whom you trust.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.