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How can we end racism?

I think the best way is to force people of different races to interact with each other, right from school and also outside of schools. Specific areas of the city for different economic classes and racial backgrounds is quite detrimental to the idea of ending racism as that is the first stage when people see discrimination being validated. Junk humour related to race, age, sex, religion, should be rated 18+.

The next step is education of people of all ages. Oldies will be the most difficult to deal with due to set ideas and notions that will require extra effort to change. Another step to end racism is to make movies that help bridge the gap. Print and a/v media needs to take a stand and make content that isnt racially biased. However, since some channels and political groups thrive on people's insecurities, this will be easier said than done.

The problem has to ne dealt with at the start. Intermingling of kids can help achieve a world free of racial biases in years to come. A drastic step will be forceful quotas for races in jobs, political parties and policy making groups. Financial funding to ngos and think tanks will also help spread the message.


We can't

But we can reduce it to the barest minimum


By teaching love and tolerance


1.....Try not to chuckle at racist, chauvinist, ageist, homophobic and the other stereotypical jokes or the assumptions....

By laughing at such jokes it means you're recognizing the joke is proper and empowering increasingly improper remarks. You can hinder without being discourteous. Try not to give your silence a chance to represent you. Just state, "I don't find such jokes interesting," or "I don't appreciate those type of jokes.."

2....Attempt to become acquainted with individuals not the same as you.

Search for things in the same way as other individuals and commend the differences. We can gain from and value something about everybody.....

3...Talking up against racism

It very well may be hard to converse with individuals who have an alternate opinion to you about racism – especially on the off chance that you feel unequivocally about your beliefs.Our tip for maintaining a strategic distance from a contention is to never consider someone a racist. On the off chance that you do this, the individual will end up guarded and not tune in to whatever else you state. Rather, you should reveal to them that you can't help but disagree with what they have stated, and clarify why. You should just scrutinize the remark, not the individual.

4...Ensure to support anti-prejudice and the anti-racist organizations.

Regardless of whether your endeavors are in volunteering, money related gift or being a promoter, working with different gatherings toward a similar objective can be advantageous to you and the community. You'll meet extraordinary individuals and discover genuine help for your endeavors. By getting included, your voice can have a major effect at the local level.


I don't think we can ever end racism, but we can reduce it.

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@Tabontabon, In my opinion we cannot stop racism because it doesn't have any Physical Form, it's an thought which can born in anyone's mind. But we have to understand one thing and that is, if we can understand other's pain while thinking ourselves on others position then i think people will stop the essence of Racism. Stay blessed. 🙂