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Why do people feel very sad when they do not have money,do you think money is controlling our emotions?

A lot of people have made the mistake of attaching their happiness to things like relationship, cars, a spouse, a wardrobe, money, children and lot more. In fact the things that make people happy are as much as the sand in the seashore. While there's nothing wrong with that, only a few persons have been able to survive past a few years after those things have been taken from them. People forget the simple things in life that money can't buy and for which they should be happy. It's no surprise that they act like the whole world is on their shoulders.

Happiness too is a very relative term. The things that makes one happy may not excite another that much. While one is celebrating a promotion, another may think it is not worth it the celebration because the person has worked for it and so deserves it. While a new car may be the biggest thing for someone, it may not be for the one who thinks it's an old model. Truth is, life is in stages. Whatever condiments life offers us as an addition to our happiness thank should be embraced.

I understand that feeling when you have needs but lack the means to proffer solutions to those needs. It brings depression especially if you have people depending on you, like kids and a wife. It's worse off for a man's ego if the wife keeps reminding him of his mates out there who are doing better than him or children who keep pestering for school fees as they may have been out of school for a while. When you have a sick parent whose health is deteriorating because you can't provide the money needed for medication or hospital bills, it's saddening. There are several reasons for which people may not be happy. As different as human faces are, so are the reasons.

But then, instead of feeling dejected and living in self pity, why not try your hands on a few jobs. Maybe it's time to dust your CV again and Polish it in search of jobs. If lack of money is the source of your happiness, then get a job. For regular jobs, you are sure to get a salary at the end of the month or when you've completed or rendered a service for freelancing jobs and others that pay hourly. But come to think of it. If money is the source of your happiness, then how much of it should you have to be truly happy? In what currency would you rather have it? As the economist would put it, "human wants are insatiable ". Do you know that the more money you have, the more problems you'll likely have and the more unsatisfied you'll become?

So you see why it is a risk to attach your happiness to money? What happens when that money is taken away? It takes along the happiness it brought. I'm not saying that you shouldn't work for money. I'm only saying you should grow above it, to the point where your emotions are no longer attached. Happiness is not just a mood or feeling. It is the attitude and disposition we choose to wear irrespective of what happens. Stop looking for happiness in a relationship, in a job, in a car or maybe the latest designer clothes. Happiness is inherent within us. It is not found. It is created.

Don't allow your emotions be controlled by physical and temporary things. It could fly like a bird when those things are taken away from you. Attaching your happiness to things is the greatest form of imprisonment I've seen. I've seen people who have so much, yet unhappy because they are bothered by one thing or the other. I've seen people who are poor and yet happy. You don't need the whole world to be happy. You just need a grateful heart and a content spirit. It's easy to be grateful if you can think and reflect. It's easy to be content if you see how far you've come in a short while, how much you've achieved despite the challenges, where you are compared to where you started from. If you know how much people want to be like you and be in your position, you would live every day happy. Be happy where you are while working towards being better otherwise when you get to the next stage, you still might not be happy.

So, instead of looking at what you don't have, concentrate on what you have. You have life in health of spirit, soul and body, you should be happy. Some people's health have deteriorated with all the money they have. They can afford the best of medical care but they may have lost a chance to life. Others are in the prison for crimes they didn't commit but you are a free man. For some, their own prison is fear. Fear of the unknown. Some are even dead as we speak. What is life that we should live it worrying about things that are beyond us. We think so much that we lose our sanity. Take a break, take a chill pill and take life one day at a time.


Because money is one of the most comforting stuffs on earth. Definitely one of the most important things to have in the world. Not an excessive obsessive love for its acquisition or whatever but it's one of the basic, fundamental things a person can have to set him or her up on a path of happiness.

Some of the reasons a person may be sad on not having money as Joyce said may very well be an excessive attachment to money. Trying too hard for its acquisition might cause you to do some terrible things that goes deep against what you believe in; things deeply against your soul's yearning. This is tantamount to what is commonly refer to as selling one's soul to the devil.

Now imagine after having done all these it turns out that the money which you're after finally eludes you. You end up losing everything. Not just the things you invested and the terrible compromises you made. But your soul! How in the world then would you expect that kind of person to not enter into an utter, world-shattering, sorrow and sadness?

So there's that for sure. But apart from this, however, there's still a more genuine more reasonable reason for getting sad due to lack of money. Like I said money really is important, and even though excess of it, or mindless strive for it, may be evil, it is still one of the basic resources one must have to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Here are just some of the ways lack of money can bring you sadness:

1. Lack of Basic Amenities for Yourself.

It is an immutable fact that there are certain basic amenities that we all need in life. Imagine being unable to provide these things for yourself then. Down to the basic needs such as food and shelter! And yes this does happen. A lot more than we'd think.

Especially in developing countries like mine. You find cases of people who have been, or are in immediate danger of being, sent packing out of their rented apartments. Who have no where to run twhere they won't be a source of nuisance.

Some can't afford decent shirts on their backs. How is one supposed to not be sad with this? This isn't even a case of loving money in excess. Just a case of being able to afford the basic things in life.

2. Responsibilities.

This is when your obligations are not even only to yourself, but to others who rely on you to get their own lives on a comfortable path.

Lack of money in the face of responsibilities may definitely qualify as one of the topmost reasons for sadness on earth. It's even worse when you consider the fact that these responsibilities are endless and will always keep on coming. Whereas money is so limited and gets depleted easily.

Consider a person with a lot of these responsibilities then, families to feed, children to take care of, a lot of people relying in you and so on. You not only consider your own pain and suffering in the cases where you're unable to meet their needs; where you're unable to provide them with the basic necessary amenities; you consider THEIR own pain! You consider the suffering they go through at that moment and this alone is enough to send one into deep depression.

3. Hunger.

I know I already talked about being unable to afford the basic necessities of life. And food of course is one of these. But I gave this a heading of its own because, and simply because, Hunger is the worst shit in life!

I'm telling you this as someone who has known a lot of hunger. It's one of the most stultifying things in the world, I tell you. It's painful and demeaning and it makes you weak, depressed, vulnerable and pessimistic.

The people who say an hungry man is an angry man definitely knew what they were talking about. And it doesn't just end there either. An hungry man is also a sad man. He's a stultified man. Hunger has a way of zapping out all your instincts and keeps you from achieving your goals.

So these are just some of the few reasons why a poor man might be extremely sad without even being obsessed over money. It doesn't end here of course and the list goes on and on. I hope, though, that the ones proposed have been satisfactory.



In this world we are living, we need things to live a comfortable life, and most of those things are not free.

I think that not being able to buy/pay or do something because of lack of money is what causing people to be really sad.

Like you do not have money to buy foods for yourself and family. Or you cannot pay the bills and you do not have money for other necessities. Specially if you are the provider or breadwinner in the family, you will probably feel sad if you do not have money.

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They say, money can't buy you happiness. I say, it is.

Almost nothing in this world cannot be bought by money. Whenever you want something, there's a corresponding price of it. Almost everything in this world isn't free. The greatest ones are even have the greatest price of all and money is the only thing to get it.

It control most of the people's emotion, especially on material things. Materialistic people oftentimes are the most emotional ones and their cravings are controlling their emotions. We expect people from this are from higher levels of the society.

We can't deny the fact that money is the reason to live in this unearthly world. Everything is run through money and without it, life can be very tough. Real very tough.


Money represents help from others. Without other people helping us we are literally helpless because we cannot possibly make everything we need to survive ourselves. Not having money means being in deep trouble. Being penniless means being at the complete mercy of other people. We all know how most people feel about beggars. That can be very scary for a host of good reasons. Having money means a certain degree of autonomy and security. How much money you have can make a world of difference. 

Money is such an important  and sensitive topic that it is often purposefully trivialized in statements like "it's only money" and others like that. That's nonsense. You won't die of a lack of help from other people as quickly as of a lack of oxygen but you might as well say "it's only oxygen".


I do believe the lack of money can influence emotions. 

Let me rephrase that:

I am certain the lack of money can influence emotions in a derogatory manner. If you don't have enough to secure your basic needs, negative emotions are going to follow. 

I'm reminded of a quote my parents used to recite to me as a child. 

"Money may not buy happiness, but having enough of it entitles you to choose your misery."

Now, you may or may not agree with this statement, but I have lived it, and know it to be true. Money cannot buy you happiness. It's a tool, and if utilized correctly, can act as a catalyst to comfort. 



Everybody understand that money is an essential part of our lives. We all need money to keep the body and soul going. The more money you have, the more you can enjoy life. I have realized that often times, people seem to be obsessed about money, they spend much time thinking or working on their financial situation. This shows that money is valuable and it's value lies in the importance we give it.

Some people are comfortable about their financial status, while a few are not. The latter individuals, use a considerable amount of time to transform their financial situation. This time can be months or years. For most people it takes vision of years to transform their financial status.

It is important we are consciousness of the fact that our financial situation is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. People are often uncomfortable with the thought of lack. They play down this kind of imagination with the act of work. They keep working all round the clock to make money.

It is not news that money is a means of exchange of goods and services. It is an energy of exchange, it inhibit the strength of one's ability to to enjoy the good things of life. When we talk about the exchange of money for goods and services, you can not leave out the place of people out of the equation. People are carriers of money and money exchange hands in the financial market. Without people there is no money. And so, when people exchange money for services, they engage a monetary term called "financial relationship".

Financial relationship means people engaging in business with other people. From this definition, we can depict that money is energy passing between two people, and how you deal with money is how you deal with your relationship with yourself and with others.

Just as we have feelings in our relationship with people, there is also money feelings. Our financial situation is a deep expression of our money feelings.

Once you understand which feelings you are expressing through your money, you can work to express those feelings in a healthier manner and change your financial situation. Come to think about it, there is a saying that goes like this "money is a defence" that is true, isn’t financial security a feeling? In the same manner, most people feel financially secure with money their possession.

In conclusion, a persons relationship with money can tell him/her about themselves. That is, how money controls our emotions, our attitudes towards people and what we feel about our selves financially or otherwise.

Thanks for reading...


While there are different reasons 

  • The essential part of life
  • To survive we need money

While at some point in our life Money does control most of the things and emotions is one of them.

It can change the course of our life triggering many emotions that were hidden within us. Once we get to know the true meaning of our life and as money plays one of the most important role in our life many bad personalities gets revealed along with the feelings of not having any money.  

Only people with the need of money or when they do not have any money can get the feeling of it. While it is an universal truth for nowadays that "if you have no money, than no honey".

Money has become the center of emotion, the more bank balance you have the less tension  you will have to bear.


No, but money is a tool, and it is a very precious and much needed tool to survive in this job called "life", especially in our parts of the world. It is not the lack of money that is making people unhappy, it is the lack of access to good food, good healthcare, decent housing, the possibility of taking a vacation, relaxation,...

And many of those things can be bought by money.