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What is the correct definition of a "soul mate"?

There isn't one correct definition of the term 'soul mate' because it means different things to different people.

In a non-spiritual discussion of soul mates, the term often means someone with whom one has, or is wondering about having, a romantic relationship with.

Examples of popular questions often heard in this context are:

  • Could this person be my soul mate?
  • Is this person a soul mate?
  • Will I ever find my soul mate?
  • Are soul mates real?"
  • Can a person have several soul mates?
  • What if I can't get along with my soul mate?
  • Does having a soul mate mean that your soul mate will always love you?
  • Do soul mate relationships last forever?
  • How do I find my soul mate?
  • How do I know if someone is my soul mate?

The questions can literally go on and on... and on.

Human beings are social. 

From the tiny newborn babe.

To the oldest greatgrand sick and forgotten in a government old people's home.

Every thinking, feeling, breathing person seeks real connection with other people.

Every human being wants to feel loved and respected and heard and needed and wanted.

But the world has fast become a place of often extreme isolation. 

Many human beings on Earth right now see, communicate with and interact with lots of persons in any given day. Both online and offline.

But these interactions are often superficial and missing the important heart connection that make us all feel as if we have important relationship bonds with others.

Other billions of people from all over the world do not have continuous or any access to modern methods of communication, be that the telephone or the internet.

These persons may enjoy much deeper communication and interaction with their family members and friends than their more hooked up counterparts.

But they also have less access to different types of people and situations in their lives that would afford them greater choice and opportunities for alternative levels of happiness and togetherness.

Perhaps the grass is always greener on the other side.

Less worldwide communication options and closer kinship with family and friends. More worldwide communication options and feeling isolated even among family and friends.

What's shared by both extremes and everyone in the middle?

A deep, soul-level yearning for real honest, committed, respectful and lasting friendship and love. Of all kinds, including romantic love.

So inner and outwardly expressed questions and conversations and obsessions about love, romance, relationship and the meaning of them all persist.

And here's why....

In spiritual terms, a soul mate is a person with whom a relationship has existed over different lifetimes.

Roles, relationship types, relationship issues, karmic ties and unfinished business vary.

The basic purpose of spiritual soul mates is to exquisitely reflect to each other the front burner issues each has to tackle in each specific life time.

This goes for parent/child, business or work, church/temple/other religious or spiritual affiliation, political colleague or foe, romantic relationship or platonic.

Soul mates are there to help us learn more about parts of ourselves we deny, struggle or are uncomfortable with.

The way the reflection expresses itself can be contentious or harmonious. 

But every soul mate, because of the familiarity and the close friendship bonds that exist on the Soul level that have been built up over several lifetimes, is there to help the other express and expand in to the best possible and highest version of self.

Each person gets to choose the soul mates and the situations and the issues that will be tackled during each specific lifetime.

Each soul mate is chosen by the other person to keep them company in some specific time frame and aspect of his/her life.

Basic soul level relationship understanding is not often taught by family members or school or society early on.

Because of this, individuals do not have a clear soul mate relationship context within which to understand seemingly illogical feelings of affinity and/or attraction, or the complete opposite, regarding persons they meet.

Logical or not, the Soul knows what it knows.

When a human being busy going about his or her life, comes upon roadblocks or concerns or life issues that force deeper questioning, the possibility of opening to non-linear knowing arises.

Inner searching, outer researching via conversations, articles, guidance facilitators and other means help a person pull up deeper soul level knowingness in to conscious awareness.

The beautiful thing about Life is that it moves on, despite distractions mankind creates. 

Full self expression of all aspects of Life expands so that Life Itself expands.

Knowledge expands as consciousness expands. And each person gets to choose to expand in consciousness so as to answer deeper questions about the reality of his or her own daily life.

Questions, seeking answers and exploring relationships with others and the underlying foundation relationship with one's own self in relation to soul mates will continue.

A clear understanding of soul mate relationship issues can positively affect all levels of society, including:

  • politics
  • finance
  • freedom
  • education
  • health
  • war
  • peace
  • any other issue that affects living together successfully on Earth in a conscious way

As Life goes on its way, and we each live our days here, conscious understanding of soul mate relationship and other important soul level wisdom and knowledge will become mainstream.

At that time, such wisdom will be a practical, established and accepted part of mass consciousness and how we each choose to create and enjoy our every day life reality.

Understanding the deeper reality of soul mates is key to consciously understanding the deeper reality of who we are and why we are here.


I certainly have beliefs in soul mates, yet my definition stretches out past the conventional thought of The One. What I accept is that a soul mate is a person with whom you are unexplainably attracted to be in a relationship with. Soul mate are brought into your life with the goal that you can develop and venture into the best form of yourself


There's not a single correct definition for either "soul mate" or anything else. Most things tend to have lots of different definitions, which can vary a lot based on culture, or the context of the word / sentence. 


A few days ago a new view of "soul mate" entered my atmosphere, the opinion of a friend

who happens to have the same experience as me that is claimed as

 "soul mate" by someone. In his little research, my friend found several

definition of soul mate, but there is one that I think is most interesting because it is different from the views of many people

about soul mates.

He said ::

"That soul mate really is a soul born in two bodies because it cannot be united!"

Because soul mates are one soul born in two bodies, if 2 souls meet then everything about them is very similar.

The strengths and weaknesses, the good and the bad side, and this is what then makes the soul mate become very opposed and unable to unite.

He is very understandable but also very difficult to understand ... ??