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Are we really destroying the planet, or is it part of the history of nature?

Climate change is a global phenomenon.

We can’t blame anyone for this. We as a whole human are responsible for it.

The causes of weather modifications are:-

Emission of greenhouse gases.


Elimination of trees

Increasing population

There are several remedies that can be made to overcome the problem of climate change.

First of all we should try to use alternative fuels which are environment friendly.

Second step that could be taken is to save the trees, plant more and more trees.

Infrastructural changes should be made in such a way that it should be minimize effect of environment.

Maximum efforts should be made to minimize the use of electricity.

Efforts should be made that work place should be closer to home so as to save fuel and energy.

Consume health are natural food.

Avoid unnecessary usage of energy. 

Teach our children to save the tress involve them in environment friendly activities. 


We do not destroy the planet. The planet will be fine with or without us. In a pinch, we destroy living species ... but if it's serious, I do not think we could destroy all life on earth. There are archaebacteria that live in cyanide and cockroaches (cockroaches, cockroaches) that are resistant to nuclear bombs. The real problem is that we are hurting ourselves.

The human has the intelligence of a bacterium. Bacteria, when you put them in a petri dish, well they eat all the gellosis and then die. We are the same.


The planet, we barely start it. Most of its surface is largely uninhabited, we do not dig much more than a dozen kilometers, and all that is inflicted upon it is without comparison with the transformations which the elements and its internal forces make to him. Only one meteorite removed the dinosaurs and in the 19th century a super-eruption in Indonesia caused a volcanic winter that caused snow in June in the northern hemisphere 75,000 years ago another caused an overall cooling of 1,000 years. Concreting, plastic bags, the warming up of car exhaust is not fun but it's nice to side. There are certainly some places that we slut a little but it is especially embarrassing for the people who live there, and with what we slut we did not go to get it on Mars, it was already there. 

The most worrying is the pressure we exert on other large animals and the rate at which we make them disappear. There is no need to worry about the disappearance of species as such, a species does not care to have disappeared because it does not know, but when because of us disappears a bird of prey a feline or a great monkey *, we take away from its beauty the world and that is what is most tragic in all this history

. Moreover, if man disappeared in 30 years the fauna and flora will prosper again almost everywhere no matter what the damage we have done, nuclear accidents included, and in a few centuries the planet will have forgotten all traces of our passage with the exception of some buried architectural remains. Anyway even if we had screwed up the planet, there would be no one to regret it. 

* the little monkeys it's less serious because the little monkeys are cons sting packets of chips and cling to the straps of cameras, they die.