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I don't care for a few individuals from my sweetheart's family. Do you think this will have negative impact on my association with my sweetheart?
We are arranging wedding one year from now, yet his sibling and sister are making me extremely anxious. We live close by and I see them regularly.

That question would depend on how intrusive these individuals are in your relationship.  If you have contact with them on a regular basis and they do things to undermine your relationship, such as encourage your sweetheart not to be with you, then yes, it will have a negative impact.  If it is simply a matter of you not liking them, but they aren't doing anything to harm you, then no, it shouldn't have an impact.  You would need to be polite and try to limit you time with them, but tolerate them gracefully if you are required to socialize.  If they are a bad influence on your sweetheart, such as encouraging bad habits or harmful actions, and your sweetheart listens to them rather than you, well, you have a year yet to talk that out come to a decision if it is worth it to make him choose sides of you over his family.


Unfortunately, yes. When people get married, the families of both unite, meet. In your case we are not talking about an aunt or cousin, we are talking about siblings, that is, your brothers-in-law, with whom you will surely have to live. The idea is that you try if not to love them, at least to maintain a cordial relationship with them if you want to live in harmony with your marriage. Your case is very difficult because the brothers are involved, and these can usually be good allies or very bad enemies. You must start from the idea that your partner is not going to stop loving his siblings, that is an unbreakable relationship, and may even reject you or motivate distancing if he sees that you treat his family badly.

My recommendation is that you talk to your partner and tell him about your feelings. Maybe your aversion is unfounded and you can file rough edges with them. If not, I advise you to maintain distance, diplomacy, that each time you must share with them, disguise your displeasure for the sake of your relationship. Good luck.


Maintaining a harmonious relationship with the couple's family is an essential condition for a happy, successful and lasting marriage, but you must know how to set limits to certain aspects in that relationship. The family must understand that marriage is a relationship of only two and they deserve their space and time. For this the best thing is to communicate in a respectful way the things that can be allowed and those that cannot. My advice is to talk about it now, to express what you feel as boyfriends and how you will handle this issue for both families that in the end will be one in common and the healthiest thing is that everyone get along and live together in harmony. The key is communication. 


Yes, it will

Marrying not only makes the relationship between you and him, but getting married makes your family and family relations unite to become a big family that helps each other.

How to? You should approach them. Talk and ask why they don't like you. Once you know the reason, you must be able to fix it. If you find it difficult to overcome it. Discuss with your partner.

I am sure you will find a solution.

You must remember, you must be able to be friends with anyone in this world.


I sincerely hope not. But let me tell you something. You do not have to like each and every relative of your partner or to meet them and pretend to like them. Simply do not. See how your partner reacts and try to explain it. Good luck :)