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Why are your parents important to you?
The significance of guardians in life is relying upon our sanskaras and considering. Guardians assume the greatest job in our improvement. Father and Mother assume vital job in our psychological, physical, social, monetary and vocation.

Parents are a family component consisting of father and mother, and are the result of a legitimate marriage bond that can form a family. Parents have a responsibility to educate, nurture and guide their children to achieve certain stages that deliver children to be ready in community life.

Why parents are very important to us, try to pay attention to the explanation below!

a. Child Socialization Function.

The function of socialization refers to the role of the family in shaping a child's personality. Through this function, the family tries to prepare the provisions as thoroughly as possible to the child by introducing behavioral patterns, attitudes of beliefs, ideals, and values ​​adopted by the community and learning the roles that are expected to be carried out by them.

b. Affective function

One of the basic human needs is the need for love or love. Psychiatric views say that the main cause of emotional disorders, behavior and even physical health is the absence of love, namely the absence of warmth and loving relationships in an intimate environment. Many facts show that the need for friendship and intimacy is very important for children.

c. Educational Function

The family is the first teacher in educating children. It can be seen from the growth of a child starting from a baby, learning the way, to being able to walk.

d. Religious function

In today's Indonesian society the function in the family is growing, including religious functions that encourage the development of families and all its members to become religious beings full of faith and piety to the Almighty God.

The model of religious education in the family can be done in various ways, namely:

1) A genuine way of life by showing religious appreciation and behavior in the family.

2) Showing physical aspects in the form of worship facilities in the family.

3) Social aspects in the form of social relations between family members and religious institutions. Religious education in the family, not only can be run in the family, offering religious education, such as Islamic boarding schools, places of study, taklim assemblies, and so on.

e. Protective Function

Family is a comfortable place for its members. This function is intended so that family members can avoid negative things. In each community, the family provides physical, economic and psychological protection for all its members.

f. Recreational Function

This function aims to provide a very happy atmosphere in the environment. Recreational functions are run to seek entertainment. Today, many entertainment venues develop outside the home because various recreational facilities and activities are growing rapidly. TV media is included in the family as a means of entertainment for family members.

g. Economic function

In the past families in America tried to produce several units of household needs and sell them themselves. The household needs, such as the art of making chairs, food, and clothes, are done by the father, mother, child and other relatives to carry out their economic functions so that they are able to maintain their lives.

Parental Guidance Patterns on Children Besides guidance at school, guidance at home is very important, because children spend more time in the family environment. For that the family is required to be able to apply the education of faith in order to hold the child in the future.

1. Exemplary behavior This means that every behavior is not merely mechanical, but must be based on the awareness that their behavior will be used as a land of imitation and identification for their children. Therefore, actualization must always be referred to obedience to moral values.

2. This self-awareness must also be transmitted to their children by encouraging them to be able to carry out self-observation through dialogical communication, both verbally and nonverbally about moral obedient behavior. Because dialogical communication will bridge the gap and goals between himself and his children.

3. Dialogical communication that occurs between parents and their children, especially those related to efforts to help them solve problems, with regard to moral values. In other words, parents have been able to control their children's behavior in order to continue to possess and improve moral values ​​as a basis for behavior.

4. The next effort to nurture children's obedience to the moral values ​​of the data is actualized in arranging the physical environment called the physical moment.

From the pattern of guidance to children above, it is very necessary as a guide in making changes and growth of children, maintaining the self-esteem of children, and in maintaining a close relationship between parents and children.


Parents, that's the name for "Superhero" in my life. They are even more powerful than Superman, Spiderman, Deadpool, and other heroes. Haha, just joke around!

There are several reasons why parents are very - very - very important to me.

1. My role model

Parents have become my best role model in understanding the meaning of life in the real world. They have taught everything I need to survive in this cruel world.

They constantly say that "be a good and useful person". Apparently, until now I have not been able to become that type of person, and they have done it since I was born.

2. Their sacrifice

When I just became a parent, I just realized that the sacrifice of parents was so great, even with a bet on life.

They don't even care about their health just to support the family (and this is what I do now).

3. They can be anyone I need

My father and mother were able to be the person I needed the most at the right time.

When I need friends to confide, they are always there.
When I need help, they are always there.
When I was in danger, they defended me.
When I didn't understand something, they told me this wholeheartedly.

4. Their patience

Even when I made a serious mistake, hurting them, they always forgave me before I apologized.

Hmm ... that's the greatness that makes our parents very important in our lives. Hopefully they always get health, and are always protected by God. 


My parents are extremely important to me.  Their unconditional love, support , and guidance has helped mold me into the person I am today.

I grew up with a traditional family.  A mom and dad and three siblings.  Knowing I had people who loved me, were behind me and the decisions I made was important in the choices and decisions I have made.  My parents support and guidance though life has help contributed to the responsible, respectful, emphatic person that I have become.  

Working in a school where I see several different styles of families and parenting, I know that the love and nurturing that I received as a child was most important in  feeling loved and secure in my life so I could focus on my learning, relationships, and growth into an adult.  Unfortunately, not every child experiences the love and nurturing to help make them feel safe and loved.  This has a huge impact not only on their education but on their relationships with others.

My parents are model parents that continue to support, love and nurture me.  I am lucky enough to still have both of them in my life helping guide me. 


A good question indeed!

According to my belief,

Parents are our progenitors, and the vehicle through which we came forth into the world.

Parents are the second god after the Creator of the whole universe.

Our parents are the first in everything. They brought us into this world to guide us right — they are the real leader in our society today.

Let me share with you some benefits of parents especially in the children's life:

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(1)Our parents are not just important, but very important in the child's upbringing.

A child needs to be mentally and physically strong. Parents are the ones that provides everything that is helpful in the children's development.

(2) Our parents, especially our mother gives us milk, fruits, and proper food from time to time for our physical growth.

(3) Parents are very crucial and helpful in teaching and explaining practically and theoretically about life and the path or direction to take in life.

(4) Parents helps in educating a child.

Parents do make us educated and well respected in the society.

(5) Parents plays a big role in the direction of our life, career, and day to day activities. Parent’s guidance in teenage is very important.

(6) Parents helps especially during tough situations when something bad happened to us in our difficult time, and many more



Your parents are your first… everything. They brought you into this world and ideally, guided your upgrade into the individual you are today with as much love, supporting and opportunity that they could give. They saw fit that your essentials were being met, strengthened and supported for you while empowering your steady independence into an absolutely self-controlling and free individual. They are your history and handle you… "clearly." They are the benchmark for how you have made and created as far back as you can remember and can speak with legitimacy of your lifestyle as a man. Ideally, they set your ethical compass the correct course by showing others how its done and showing to you appropriate from wrong and how to examine life. They are a touch of your recollections and unprecedented or awful… have worshipped you and had trusts/dreams for you since beginning. They can be the uncommon love to get you back on track, your delicate place to fall and through their eyes… you can see yourself a bit as they do go down not just bits of themselves and the exercises they have taught..but you can see times of "you" and the things you wish to go over, and besides the things you should need to change and change. None of us are impeccable and gatekeepers are no uncommon case regardless, that is the thing that life is for… to consummate our lifestyle as people, do no mischief, love our families and relates and live as remarkable individuals. Guardians can supervise us on that voyage and add estimations to our lives and that of the presence accessories and youths we add to the cover to develop our families. Your kin are your first companions, your educators, your solace and should love you truly… till the total of their lives.


My parents are important to me because they are the one that nurtured me and made me who i am today,my parents made me to have better understanding about life and they are the one that taught me the right things about life and made me successful so that is why they are important to me..


They Parents are very important and necessary. They seem to be indispensable yet they are expendable. They are very important because they most impact in the whole making of what I am today, in terms of psychological, physical, social, monetary and vocation. They can be compared to the foundation and the pilars. Even more than that, Like the components or materials for a building. They are the most patient future builders. And it is from them we came forth, when will could be been disposed before our time.


Parents are by and large basically. They are reason you are here. They are the reason you find the opportunity to see the world and take in a huge measure. They love you truly. For the length of standard everyday presence, when nobody will be there amidst your upbeat or miserable occasions, your kin will remain by you. In this nearness where individuals change standard, each minute, your kin's kinship and support for you stays unsurprising. They acknowledge the action of instructor, mate and others to help you. They will continually be there for you. It is your commitment to make them cheerful and feel incredible persistently end.