Would you ever want to be famous?
This may provide you some insight about regardless of whether she has some narcissistic propensities or on the off chance that she truly loves a considerable measure of consideration.

I am thinking absolutely not.

First off, being famous isn't always a good thing and I think a lot of people assume that it is.  You can be famous for doing something really bad.  There are all kinds of people in the world that have immediate name recognition, but it isn't exactly because they did something good.  

Even if the choice was to be famous for doing something good, I don't think I would want to be.  Maybe not to the whole world anyway.  I think I could handle being famous on Steemit.  That might not be so bad.  Being famous to the whole world though would just not be my kind of thing.  I enjoy my privacy and I enjoying being able to do my own thing.

I don't think I would want my life to be under the microscope that comes with being famous.  Look at how much famous people are criticized for stating their opinion or even having an opinion in the first place. 

Everything you say or do gets analyzed and twisted and turned around for the advantage of whatever person is telling the narrative.

Kudos those who have fame and handle it with grace and style.  I don't think I could do it and I don't think I would want to try.


Absolutely not. Being famous is being under constant public scrutiny. I couldn't do anything or go anywhere in public without people noticing. There would be tons of people working around the clock prying on my private life and my past, leaving no stone unturned and hanging on to every word uttered by me on any public forum ever and trying their best to make a scandal out of that. They'd try to get to me through my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, former co-workers, exes, former classmates, former neighbours and so on and on in order to find any damaging information on me. If they did, they'd have a field day going about making scandalous headlines and bending the truth as much as they could. It would be absolute living hell. I'd spend my days furious reading the lies, half-truths, and embarrassing truths about my life fantasizing about being a dictator and having the creatures who slander me in public all lined up and executed.


If I wanted to be really filthy rich, yes I would. Some people would go for fame in exchange for poverty and anonymity. Otherwise if we really work hard and work smart in business and our careers we may be able to be rich without being famous. However who are the billionaires and powerful people who aren't really famous these days?

I would prefer to just be rich enough to be able to travel and relax and contribute on how to help the environment. If it was for our oceans and saving the creatures in it, yes I would probably agree to being famous and known world wide because I would be able to bring conservation awareness to more people.

Other than that I see no reason to be famous. I do not like it if people know "everything" about me. Yes a famous person, like movie stars and celebrities, can still live a private life but knowing myself I wouldn't really be able to keep some or a lot of things private. Haha. I may spill the beans on various topics especially when I get really angry or annoyed. No way, I'd rather have less stress in life and more privacy to be a better person than be famous. :) 

Yes it would be nice to be known for something only if I have done anything worth being noticed for. Like saving the world maybe? Hahaha. Ah I keep dreaming but I haven't done much for the world like the rest of the people out there. Kudos to the scientists and inventors and such who became famous for contributing great and notable things to the development and conservation of various things around the world. 

How about you? Would you like to be famous?




Yes I would like to be famous for the right reasons. I will love my name to be known across the world that even after I die, my name lives on.

Best selling author


great online host

top female blockchain enthusiasts


and so on are reasons I would like to be famous


 NO... I do not like people prying in to my life or telling me what to do or how to act or react or feel.. I love my privacy and I try so hard to protect it, mentally, physically and psychologically. I'll love to be wealthy and be whoever I want to be.. 

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_Fame is a broad concept that can be broken into many different pieces. Being famous, depending on how exactly, can have a lot of positive and a lot of negative aspects to it._


### Would _I_ ever want to be famous?

<sup>It all comes down to _"how?"_.</sup>


**Do I want to be exposed to millions of people, swim in money, be hunted by paparazzis and have my every move and sound be analyzed and thrown into the crowd by journalists?**



**Do I want to be aknowledged inside my clique / subculture, earn enough to feed my family through the month and save up a little on the side?**

**Do I want to have my artwork be quoted or spoken about, analyzed in a thoughtful way?**

**Do I want to be invited to cultural events, perhaps be in a podcast or two, yet still have my privacy and right of thought and expression be respected?**

I do.

_Yet_ at the same time I feel and know I'm still a little raw for all that.

To reach my goal or dream I have to develop myself, ripen up, create more.

For the past years I've wasted a lot of time on browsing the internet, entertaining myself instead of educating, wasted brain cells on things of no value. Instead I could have read books, taken courses, listened to podcasts or audiobooks. 

**I've never made promises on New Year's Eve. Maybe this year I will. It's time for change.**


No. Reason being that I love my personal space. Even as a writer I do not want to achieve such much fame that I am unable to do the simple things I love.


My answer is NO. Fame comes with a lot of responsibilities, there is Do and Don't. People look up to you for many things and don't expect you to make mistakes in life. They want your life to be that perfect but we are all humans and humans makes a lot of mistakes, people will always criticize you more when you make mistakes. I prefer the wealth without fame. 



However let's say if I could create art (which I can't right now because I'm just learning to draw) I'd like my art to be well known and appreciated. This is different from wanting to be famous. 

I know it's a bit controversial what I'd want but I'd rather be not known then to be famous.


No, I am an introvert. I just want to be rich. I want no public spot light at all. I do not like to deal with people but I love money. 


No, no, no. I want to be rich but I want no prt of being under the public microscope of being famous. I do not want to have everyone judging me for every little thing. Give me a private Island and I am good to go. 


No and not even because of the reason that you don't have any privacy anymore. The problem is when you are famous you can't trust anyone anymore. Because most people want something from you. You can count your real friends on 2 hands, even for famous people this is true. The rest are just gold diggers. Suddenly everyone want's to be your "friend" but they don't really care about you. So it's just fake.


Yes and no.

I enjoy playing lead guitar, I enjoy being in a band, and I enjoy singing. 

These are things I enjoy, and if I were to be highly successful at, would entail fame. 

I get stressed out from people. They push their way into my life, and suggest we are best friends. I deal with it constantly, and it's very exhausting. Becoming famous would amplify this, and make it even more difficult to deal with, but it comes with the territory of playing music for people, and it's an exhilarating feeling when you are on the stage making magic happen. 



Being a well-known person keeps me in mind. I can't live the life I want. People constantly criticize me no matter what. I can't stand this.

Would I ever want to be famous?

My way of thinking has changed over the years, I wanted to be famous as a kid for either been a rock star or a footballer but life never gives you what you want.

I can't sing for starters so been a rock star is out of the question, and my footballing days are over now I have got old and fat.

I used to dream about been famous when I was a kid, I thought that I would get all the women that I needed and I would be on top of the world.

Now though I have a wife and 3 wonderful children that I am looked up to everyday, I might not be world famous I might not have the money but my kids love me and respect me.

If I could be famous now in life, I don't think I would really want to be famous, you see from reading the news I don't think I could cope with the media attention, all you see is famous people been plastered all over the front covers of magazines and normally for the wrong reasons.

It must be hard for them, as soon as a celeb is out with a friend the media then think they must be having an affair and this breaks relationships up, and I don't think that I would want that in my life.

I am happy where I am, I am happy that my life has turned out the way it as and I don't think I would give it up to be famous anytime soon. 


NO... I do not like people prying in to my life or telling me what to do or how to act or react or feel.. I love my privacy and I try so hard to protect it, mentally, physically and psychologically. I'll love to be wealthy and be whoever I want to be..


Of course not, am very reserved with things I do and about my life and would not like the public interfering into my privacy. Look at the celebrities, some of them are not who we think they are but because of the nature of their career, people tends to poke into their lifestyle. Being famous is not my way, and even if I make all the billions in this world, some of y'all outside my circle still won't know me. Am real as shit!


Naa not really. I'd like tp be succesful and appreciated without the fame. And it is possible, too.

There are people, of course, who have done this to perfection. Writers who wrote under pseudonyms. Musicians who don't show their faces in music videos and etc.

A friend and I were actually discussing this not too long ago about how having an alter ego might be actually be the best path to take.

With an alter ego you get to:

1. Explore other aspects of your work.

2. Share your art and talent with the talent.

3. Get you works appreciated and admired.

4 Be shielded from the negatives of fame.

And speaking of the negatives of fame - boy are there a lot of them!

Is it the constant hatred from people who don't agree with your views? And there will always be people like that. And I've seen their chagrin and negativity -- on forums, social media, everywhere!

It's ugly and definitely unhealthy.

And then the paparrazis and people screaming all over your face -- no sir thank you.


Obviously there are awesome aspects of being famous -- being treated special by strangers, recognition, the awe you inspire in people, the access you have to the most exclusive places and etc.

But for someone like me who doesn't even believe in stratas and segregation, all that, though tempting to an extent, I know I'm better off without in the end.

So would I want to be famous, the simple answer is no thank you kind sir!


Not really, I would rather choose to have the freedom to do everything that I want without the paparazzi following everything that I do.