Are Microblogs the Future of Steemit?
Everybody is hung up on wordy posts however then ask why more individuals aren't utilizing Steemit. In the event that it is to equal other online life like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, would it be a good idea for us to not grasp short arrangement posts that individuals can without much of a stretch make from their telephone in their extra time?

 I don't think so.  Between @steemmonsters, @vimm, and @dtube, I suspect that we will see more dApp devs look at the Steem Blockchain as one potential starting point. And I'm okay with that!

Sure, we have apps like @partiko and @steepshot that are taking the microblogging approach, and I'm happy for them.  They're doing this blockchain a huge service by doing what they do.  They are helping everyone grow on the platform.  But there's always more than one way to skin a cat, and we're going to see more app devs in the future.  I'm sure of it.


I agree with you my friend. This ecosystem needs a micro blog. Not everyone is keen to read a lengthy post. Some people may not have that much time also. So Twitter like thing can make the interface wonderful. Also as Twitter is a kind of micro blogging, it has most active users. Some more people may get interested to join steem community, if it adds a micro blog dapp.

The new version and future generations social media is going to be composed kind of structure for average people like us and also professional bloggers. For professional bloggers steemit is already there. So with a micro blog dapp steem ecosystem will be complete and people can become more free and more easy with such dapp, reward should be secondary for a micro blog as it will be mostly for average people who are not that much professional or those who love micro blogging.