Do you have a great deal of endorsers or supporters on steemit that never read your posts?


I think people no longer read people's posts any longer.

Perhaps due to the down turn in the prices of Steem, a lot of people got discouraged and deviated from posting or even engaging in people's posts.

I have a couple of supporters and friends who support me on a daily basis. They placed me on their automatic upvote and I receive their daily support but they never get to read my works.


Yes, I have about 2000 followers on my account right now and if I had to make an educated guess, I think about 2% of those followers are actually reading and commenting on my posts.

I just made a couple of posts a week or so ago talking about how the majority of my post rewards are from groups that I have been delegating SP to.  In fact I think it was more than 80% of the upvotes that I get for my posts come from auto upvotes tied to delegations that I have given.  The other 20% is comprised of people that are just upvoting me as part of a trail and then the rest are people who actually read my posts and upvote them. 

It is pretty sad that there is so little interaction anymore on the platform.  I also have several larger accounts that I follow and I comment and upvote all of their posts.  They frequently comment back to me and they will usually upvote my comment on their posts.  It is very rare that they ever make their way over to my blog though and upvote or comment on any of my posts.  

I understand that as a larger account, you probably have to spread yourself out more because you have significantly more people following you and commenting to you.  It is still pretty crappy when you have someone that you are continually supporting and they can't take the time to support you back a little.

Maybe they aren't as interested in the content you are posting as  you are in theirs, but I would think they could find at least one post a week from you they could give a little support.

As a whole we all need to spread our support around a little.  There is nothing wrong with continually helping out a certain group of people.  You built those relationships for a reason and it is only fair that you continue to give them your support.  If there is where it ends though, then the platform is never going to grow.  We should all be in the habit of picking up one new person every other week or every month that we will support moving forward.

That is part of the reason I started my #fosteraminnow challege.  It hasn't gotten a lot of people on board, but I think it is a great way to expand our horizons and to get people more active in the blockchain when the prices are so low.  We all need to be reading a little more, engaging a little more and upvoting a little more.  If we did that then maybe we wouldn't see so many accounts with ghost followers that do nothing.



Well, let’s put it this way. I receive, on average, some 182 votes but only about 6 comments. Thus, a lot of people are supporting my posts via trails or automated votes without bothering to comment. My guess is that some of them actually read them, but commenting seems to be an activity many Steemians disregards as unimportant.

With a few exceptions, I try to read and comment every post I vote for. Reciprocity is not something we’ll find on Steemit (here is musing.io it works better, though), and it is not just the dolphins and whales that do not bother to comment or respond to a comment. Even new users, who I try to incentivize by upvoting and commenting, can be very careless or indifferent about comment interaction.

I guess it is better that way at the end. We have our small group of faithful followers with whom we usually exchange comments and even with that we may have a hard time catching up. I can’t imagine if I had to respond to 500 comments (the number of votes a couple of my posts have gotten).


Apparently, only few people actually reads our posts now. I checked some of my posts from a year ago, I can read comments even up to 10 comments on my posts. That could have came from a community and team I am a part of.

Here are the reasons I see why almost nobody reads my posts:

1. Most upvotes came from trails. That's a sad fact that nobody reads my posts anymore. That's courtesy of Steemauto and the likes.

2. Majority of my followers stopped posting. It means they don't go online to read posts.

Still, there are some people who still reads posts. Those are the curators looking for quality posts to curate.


I think that it's already common to learn that most of our supporters or followers isn't reading every bit of our posts. It is for a simple reason that nobody have enough time to physically look into every posts from the ones that they follow.

Some of us are following about a 100 to 1000 Steemit users. Just imagine if all of them posts at the same, it would take you few days to check on all of it.

Thankfully there are ways to make anybody's curation to almost all of the authors the he/she follows using auto voting bots (steemvoter / steemauto).

Some would say that we are loosing our personal touch to curation, but I would say let's just think of it as a "trust" given by the curator to the content creator. It's considered an honour to be included to someone's voters list.

And even though, I know that they might not be reading all of my stuff, I think that already endorsed it from the day I was in their auto voters guild.


Majority of the votes I get are from trails. Only few actually bother to comment on my post but that's better than getting only votes. Even high value votes seem empty when not a single organic comment is found. It's like a lot of people expresses their thumbs up without actually meaning anything. The real consumers of content are curators. There less meaningful engagement now due to the market downturn. 

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No. I don't have.

It is not really easy to have loyal supporters who just upvote posts without reading them except that one subscribe to the autovote or daily autoupvote program.

And one may subscribe largely to the use of bots.

What is very usual on Steemit is that people read or skim through posts but they find it hard to click on the upvote button.

And even the whales and minnows who have many followers, many of these followers read without upvoting the posts of these whales. They are just there for a whalehunt nothing else. This means many of the followers of whale are followers just to get closer to them in order to receive their big Upvotes. This is why many of these whales mainly use bots to get big upvotes.

Therefore, reading and upvoting posts is something not frequent on Steemit. In fact, some even prefer to comment on posts than to upvote them.

Although some Steemians may have good reasons such as having low RC credits and limited or small voting power to upvote posts, especially the newcomers to steemit.

But majorly, it is not easy to have many loyal supporters who read and upvote almost all your post.

However, supporters can be gotten from being an active member in many of the great groups such as Steemit Bloggers, on the Discord gaming app.

Also, being active on Dapps such as Steemhunt and Musing encourage getting many Upvotes from people who may be or not be supporters.

Thanks very much.


Yes, I believe a large portion of them are bots that are not really active accounts on steemit. Sometimes I will get massive waves of follows and unfollows.