Can I earn digital tokens on Steemit? How?
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There are actually a lot of ways to earn variety of digitalized tokens in Steemit. The fact that Steemit itself generate one (Steem Dollars, Steem) are a perfect key to answer your question. From posting, commenting, and even upvoting others (if you have some good SP), that alone can let you earn Steem Power.

There are also numerous ways of getting digital tokens in Steemit and I would like to share it to you :

- Earn from participating in Airdrops

If you arrived at July 2018, byteball provided the biggest airdrop in history in Steemit by using their byteball app and Steem attestation bot. It provided a lot of tokens (which I also got a lot) and lets me exchange it to bitcoin and then fiat. Try to visit on the tag #airdrop and you can see a lot of tokens there having airdrops.

SMTs are also providing a lot of airdrops as of the moment as it prepares

- Contests

There are Steemians/probably employees of a certain coin that will host a contest that lets you earn digitalized tokens. Best example was byteball. They hosted a contest in Steemit called "Byteball Hackathon" where ideas and projects presented gets rewarded with a good amount of prize pool as part of their campaign in showering their byteballs via airdrops.

- Be an advocate

Being an advocate (a.k.a) ambassador of a certain coin promoting it on Steemit lets you earn cryptocurrencies. Either you contact those coins on Telegram and that you apply for that certain position. 

There are more other ways to earn some but I'll stop it here as I've mentioned the most common techniques on getting some tokens.

Yes, you can earn digital tokens on Steemit, these are the Steem and SBD coins.

You can earn by posting/writing on Steemit when other members of the platform upvote yous posts. You can also earn by curating or upvoting the posts of others.

The amount that you can earn in upvoting others depends on your Steem power and percentage used on voting. The higher it it, the higher you can earn.

You can also earn some other digital tokens by using Steemhunt and dlike in posting in Steemit.

Yes you can earn Steem tokens and Steem dollars (SBD) by blogging on Steemit. So how do you work on Steemit.... Lets break it down a little:

  1. You post or comment
  2. You may or may not receive an upvote from fellow steemians
  3. If you get upvoted then you are rewarded with Steem or Steem Dollars (SBD)
  4. These rewards are automatically sent to your wallet after a week where you can collect them
  5. You can choose to convert your Steem and SBD to Steem power in a process called powering up.
  6. The more you power up the more is the value of your upvote.
  7. Next order in things would be to join some communities on Steemit and be a part of something worthwhile (I was part of  #steemsilvergold   - a group that shares a passion for bullion). This way you contribute  to a groups cause and earn their support, all the while getting to enjoy the group activities :-)
  8. Participate in contests. A few days ago I came across 'Pay It  Forward Curation Contest' and it is a very nice way to bring more people  and earning to your blog posts and at the same time become the reason  to bring the same Steemy goodness to someone else's posts as well.

The above points are just a little bit of ground work that you probably already know by now and I just put them there just to be sure. There is far more better information  available on this on other blogs. My main purpose here is to to mention something of use to you here. Something that can make you grow on Steemit.

For a newbie like me, that something is 'Writing Meaningful Comments' for the posts that you read.  

Follow people you like to hear from and read their posts and I mean truly try to understand what they are trying to tell you. Once you understand that and give them a meaningful reply in form of a comment, I can practically guarantee you that they would upvote you and why wouldn't they? You heard them, you heard what they were trying to tell you and that is why they wrote the post in first place - to share it with you.  They will appreciate that you took the time to listen to them and would  upvote you based on how good they found your feedback.

Remember that for newbies on Steemit, it is difficult to get visibility. Sometimes your posts may not get any upvotes. Not beacuse  they were not good but because nobody saw them. So the idea of  commenting for newbies is  that when nobody is coming to you then you go  to them.

Oh and remember that before you start commenting, you have some  decent posts made. Once people see and like you comment they might  upvote it but they also might want to visit your blog. If you have no  decent posts on your blog your credibility goes down, hell you start looking like a bot.

Comments are the proverbial grease that makes this system run. So we need to get out there and leave some comments that would let people know that you are worth their upvotes.

yes. 100% yes. I have been on there for almost 10 months and Have earned a lot of steem. You simply start and account and then start blogging. you will earn nthing at the start to be honest. I put in some fiat $$$ to get rolling and so my vote would count for something. It is pretty much a circle jerk culture over there so you will need to get to know people. Discord is very helpful to make small talk and figure stuff out along with using it to meet people in chat rooms

Steemit is a for the most part new online life arrange where you can get paid to blog on the web, upvote blog passages and moreover comment.

Steemit Background:

Set up in 2016 by Ned Scott and besides Daniel Larimer.

Steemit is energized by new blockchain advancement and uses computerized money (Steem and SBD) to repay its customers who are dynamic on the stage.

This consolidates:

Creating a blog article

Exchanging pictures

Commenting on other blog articles

Upvoting diverse online diaries

Upvoting distinctive comments.

Customers of the stage are paid in both Steem Power and moreover in SBD (Steem Backed Dollars)

This would then have the capacity to be sold and traded back to your money related parity.

How Might It Work?

Steemit is on a very basic level the equivalent as various progressed fiscal structures accessible today.

(In case you are unverifiable of what automated financial measures are then I suggest you have an examined of this article as it elucidates about Bitcoin and progressed money related structures and a short time later return where you cleaned out up — – >

With other modernized/cryptographic types of cash like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum the certifiable coins that are made every day are coursed to the various people who are mining the coins.

Steemit also thinks about mining, yet it's not the fundamental technique to get rewards/money on the site.

Reliably new Steemit cash units are made by the framework and after that these are scattered to the customers on the stage.

The more you are dynamic and associated on the stage the more rewards you will get. This is the methods by which you benefit using Steemit.

You can earn digital tokens on Steemit by:

Posting - By sharing your posts, you can earn upvotes from community members. Depending on the upvotes you receive, you will get a portion of the ongoing Steem reward pool.

Casting a ballot and curating - If you find a post and upvote it before it winds up prominent, you can acquire a curation compensate. The reward sum will rely upon the measure of STEEM Power you have.

Obtaining - Users can buy STEEM or Steem Dollar tokens straightforwardly through the Steemit wallet utilizing bitcoin, Ether, or BitShares tokens. They are additionally accessible from different markets and trades including BlockTrades, Poloniex, Bittrex, Shapeshift.io, and Changelly. STEEM tokens that are controlled up to STEEM Power gain a little measure of enthusiasm for holding.

As shared on the Steemit site, as a feature of the network you can win advanced tokens by: Posting – By sharing your posts, you can procure upvotes from network individuals. ... Buying – Users can buy Steem or Steem Dollar tokens specifically through the Steemit wallet utilizing bitcoin, Ether, or BitShares tokens.