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Why is musing rewarding bad answers?
In your question, you have made an assertion that musing is rewarding bad answers. I think it would be better if you have had added some hints to what you consider a "bad answer". It is hard to respond to your question without knowing why you made that assertion.

If you saw some "bad answers" getting upvoted, you may complain about that directly to musing official stuff in their discord: https://discord.gg/2ndKV8
They are not rewarding the "bad answers". They are rewarding the effort. By your objectified "bad answers" you can mean three things I suppose.

First one would be, you are talking about grammatical errors. Now steem or musing is not a closed community for english speakers. You can find more then 50 different communities with different first tongue. Now if the non english speakers find a question which they have answer to, should they not help out just because english doesn't come easy to them? If you mean that then it woulld be a passive aggressive racism. I hope you don't mean that. But if you do so then musing is not a place for you.

Secondly, I think you are talking about the short answers.. Now if some one can get the words through in one sentence then what's the hold up? if you can do so too then do it. But if you are talking about the short ones then its not one musing, its one you as you are showing the symptoms of jealousy.

Thirdly it could be the actual bad irrelevant ones. I never saw musing upvote a question that's irrelevant. You can explore other users profile but you will not find upvotes on those answers. If you manage to find so then its just an honest mistake.

Hope you understood what I expressed. If I was able to get through to you then you are welcome.

Like in other platforms where articles or content posted is subjective to one's pov, answers in musing too are "subjective". What might be "bad answers" to you might be sufficient to the one asking the question.

A good example for this would be someone asking how to improve Musing.

One could write 5 paragraphs as to why Musing is already great now and needs no improvement and one could write a one sentence suggestion.

To most people the "one sentence suggestion" could be treated as a bad answer but it's exactly what the poster need for, a suggestion. Thus he gets more upvote.
Musing.io is simply a question-answer finding platform like Quora et al. While other platforms don't reward the user who asks a question or the one who replies with answer, musing.io reward both with upvotes without any delay.

Some answers can be simple one and some other might be complex. It all depends on the way question was asked. If someone asks an irrelevant or incomplete question, the answer received might be likewise.

I think musing.io do not upvote answers manually. Rather it upvots answers automatically by the help of some algorithms. All the answers related to a question do not come in a single instance. They come one after others maintaining a time gap between them. So, it is clear that it can compare every answers only after every answer is received. Only then it can chose the best one. It takes lots of resources to evaluate and verify every fact and data. It will take considerable time and lots of efforts to implement such a complex system. That's why musing.io upvotes answers as early as possible after their posting. In this process some bad answers might get upvote from musing.io. However, these types of instances are very rare. Musing.io is a revolutionory platform which is changing the way we used to seek our answers.
Bad answer in what sense, I will like you to specify what you meant by this.

There are many good answers here so far, What you call bad answer might be useful for another person. I will like you to give full details.
What's the meaning bad answer.There is no any such bad answer we see in musing because if someone asked a question negative sentence then the person should have to answer in negative manner.

So,there is not a bad question we tell in a musing because if the person is writing back it means that the question by him or her is negative so he have to answer in negative manner.if the musing community feels he had written bad answer then suddenly musing can give flag and directly decrease his reputation score.

If you feels he had written bad answer you can discord at https://discord.gg/2ndKV8

Thanks for Reading
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I don't think its fair to call those answers 'bad answers'. Like most things in life, what's poison to one person is meat to another.

What you see as bad answer might just be the answer another is looking for, hence the upvote.