Why is nigeria still having many problems despite having alot of natural and human resources?

Some of the major concerns plaguing Nigeria include insecurity, rising poverty and corruption, amongst others.

To understand the key problems plaguing Nigeria, we first need to understand the fundamental structure of the country.

Nigeria has a population of about 190 Million - the largest in Africa, and they are almost evenly split between a Christian Majority South and a Muslim Majority North. It's Major resource Endowment include Crude Oil, Limestone, Natural Gas etcetera. It also has about 700+ distinct ethnic groups in the Country.

Some of its Major problems have aroused from the these fundamentals. Ethno religious divisions have plagued and continue to plague the country which have stifled development in certain regions such as the North East, West, and Central States.

There is also a leadership problem, which appears to plague most African Countries. Nigeria has been plagued by successive Military Coups and years of civil war, only just returning to democracy in 1999. Even the Democratic era has been plagued by massive corruption that has seen billions of crude oil proceeds diverted into private pockets of politicians and their cronies.

Furthermore, corruption has become institutionalized that has resulted in a distortion of growth in virtually all sectors.

Addressing the issues plaguing Nigeria will need an approach that accounts for all the fundamentals in other for the country to advance.


We are extremely unquenchable and superfluously poor. 

Defilement began when you requested that your companion expel your name from the noisemakers list. 

I saw the above tweet on Twitter, and couldn't disregard reality in the joke. 

Everyone would effectively make tracks in an opposite bearing from the aftereffects of their misactions. From the you who asked for that the class specialist delete your name from the rundown so you won't be repulsed, to the young lady who lied so she would not be grounded, to the person who escapes in light of the manner in which that he stole the ówó ájọ, to the business visionary who swindled cheat you, to the organization official who offers pay off to spare his face, to the policeman who wrongly demands in light of how he's been affected. 

The thing about pollution is that it requires an imperative stretch of time to perceive, by which time it would be past the last defining moment. We have enabled our fervor to disintegrate the structure. 

Nigeria is an import-subordinate country. This is the thing that happens when debasement is the interest of reliably. It winds up being astoundingly hard to work (talk less of outperform wants) in the nation, so it winds up hard to pass on anything. Everything that we utilize is either outside made or would not have been passed on if something wasn't transported in. This is the reason the Naira has no respect - in light of the manner in which that we don't pass on for ourselves, so we rely on untouchables to survive, and in light of the manner in which that we don't make anything beneficial, we don't have anything to offer the general market. You know those destitute people who appear, apparently, to be alright yet meanwhile rely on us for cash? Since they have no aptitudes to offer, they need to exchange their sentiment of self and regard for pennies. That is kinda similar to the account of Nigeria.


Nigeria, like I have even been stated before here, has many natural endowment. I learnt in geography in secondary school that Nigeria can be involved in all the major industries of the world. Yet, things still remain the same. It because of bad leadership.

Let's not forget that no nation can thrive with bad leadership. Those that are given the responsibility to make and enact laws have to make laws that favors the growth of their economy. Many of the laws in our constitution are cancerous to growth and that's even putting it mildly. Things are not about to change in Nigeria until the laws are supportive of growth.

Another reason is greed. We have leaders who are not ready to do what's right. They are only concerned about what they can gain rather than what they can offer. It pains me to see otherwise countries who do not even have up to a quarter of what we have in Nigeria doing better than us. We can't even boost of power supply. Something that even poorer countries have mastered and conquered. When we have leaders who are pro-development, who are ready to us the instruments within their grasp to good use, then things will get better. Until then, we can only wish and hope. You and me can try but that's as far a we can go without the backing of the government.


Nigeria is plagued like most other African countries with no leadership and huge corruption.

the more natural resources a country has it seems the more corruption there is. I know that Nigeria has oil fields and they are seriously lucrative for companies to exploit. The leadership in Nigeria will do whats best for them and not the country.

Greed is a disease and until their are proper controls in place it will just carry on. The problem lies in the fact that the leadership should be putting controls in place but they don't want it as it would prevent them from stealing whatever they want.

It will be  a continuous cycle until you have a strong opposition party who enforces such rules.