What could make a person achieve his or her dreams?

It's got to be determination and the decision to never give up until success is achieved. A lot of people have dreams and aspirations but lack the will power to accomplish them.

Dreams are worked on. You can't build castles on the air and expect them to be habitable. Dreams have to be worked from the realms of imagination to reality.

Set goals that would help you, step by step, achieve yours dreams. There at long-term goals and there are short-term goals. The long term are those that cannot be achieved now, they require time. The short term goals are goals that when actualize will bring you closer to achieving the long-term goals.

There's a quote that's one of my favorites and I think would suit this discuss.

"What you think upon the most and are willing to act upon the more, you soon become."

It's been like a guiding light. It helps to always put me in check. Your mind should burn with your dreams and your hands and mind should be willing to work. Success doesn't just happen. It takes a deliberate effort.

It doesn't do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.


Work smart and never give up even when many people told you to stop.

No instant way to make your dreams become reality.

Trust your instinct and follow it.

If people around you thought you're foolish to follow your dreams, that's basically a sign for you to continue what you're doing, because the only person who knows the perfect picture of your dreams is you, no one else.