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Do you concur that any national of the world ought to be permitted to venture out to any nation without a visa?

No. Absolutely not. There are vast economical differences between countries, not to speak of language barriers and cultural differences. Imagine nobody would need a visa anymore. Millions and millions would try their luck in other countries. I guess we are not talking about tourists here....

Such mass movements of people to other countries could destabilize a country rather quickly and result in unrest and chaos and economic turbulences for the countries which are confronted with millions of new people. People need an income, they need housing, schools, medical care. If you put too much of a burden on the society of a country and its infrastructure and housing market, that country would come to a grinding halt. I think it would be against any common sense to abolish visa and thus be confronted with an uncontrollable influx of masses of people. I am not against immigration. But simply letting people into other countries without visas would be unreasonable and irresponsible to all parties involved.