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What types of benefit a steemit user get from a witness after voting them?
Is voting a witness are useful/benefited for a newbie/user? Many newbies ask me this question. I can not reply to them clearly. Because I don't know the benefit of voting a witness. Every day I have to deal with many newbies in @steemtuner community.
Steem witness voting has no direct impact or other correlative factors that might impact a new users growth. Witnesses don't provide any services that is mutually exclusive to individuals. However steem witness voting is passively benefiting to every steem user at a broader sense.

Steem blockchain runs on a protocol named DPOS-Delegated Proof of Stake. Using this witnesses create blocks which makes the steem blockchain. Now their work is somewhat similar to a bitcoin miner. They mine and produce blocks and they are rewarded with a percentage of that block as Steem power. They keep running nodes every single second..If steem blockchain was in the hands of a selected individual it wuld have caused a centralization and they could have manipulated steem blockchain. But elected individuals in this case witnesses are like a democratic government who takes decisions about how the blockchain should behave.

Now you might think how and why witnesses are not centralized. The blockchain woks in such a way that everyone gets a chance at producing a block as the production is allocated randomly. But the higher votes the witness has the more trusted he/she is to the system. So voting an witness is not about a gain or a loss directly. Its to ensure that our beloved steem blockchain is in capable and authentic hands.
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the benefits as such for the users there are not those for the witnesses since these having a better rank get a small amount of sp through the production of blocks that they perform on the steem network. On the other hand, if you vote for a witness, the reason is because you are doing something important within the platform or rather within the steem blackchain, for example, improving services by creating new forms of content or having a healing project. The main rewards for the users who vote for the witnesses so that they rise in rank, remember that for steem power is ecensial at this point because the more steem power a user has, the greater the reverence he will have on that witness to which he is voting.

Another thing that must be taken into account is that through the witness is that the network of steem works so it is necessary to vote for these for the assurance of the network itself and avoid so many faults