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Why do most muscular guys love to snap shirtless pictures?
For "attention".

I'm not generalizing everyone who goes to the gym, but nowadays people go to the gym not for the sake of being "healthy" but for the sake of "attention" and self-worth.

Most of them are posting shirtless pictures to hopefully capture the attention of the female species, in hope to date or do some casual hookups.
There is a saying that if you have it then flaunt it and that is why you should not be surprised if you see

muscular guys flaunting their body in many shirrless pictures,guys with hot bodies do get admiration from both guys and ladies most especially ladies and so

thereby making some of the muscular guys to want to show off to their admirers or just want to use it to get attention or use it to encourage skinny guys that they

too can have hot bodies,though there are some guys who are fitness model and it is normal for then to flaunt their body in plenty pictures
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Lol..it could be annoying sometimes right,??well when you have that muscular body someone will

begin to understand the reason why many of
them would always love to be shirtless whenever they want to take pictures,you cannot have such

a wonderful body and not be proud to show it off,i have come to realize that not every guy that does shirtless picture is doing it for attention,some just

uses it to build their self-esteem or confidence though majority do it as a way of showing off to achieve some certain things best known to them