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Will people who have no interest in blockchain/crypto subjects ever care to begin using a decentralized blockchain/crypto social media platform?
It seems the biggest and most fervent users of blockchain/crypto social media platforms are brought to it by already being interested in blockchain/crypto subjects. Anyone who has no interest in blockchain/crypto doesn't seem to care and continues to use facebook and other "free" social media platforms. And all the social media aspects of these platforms become mainly about sharing and talking about blockchain/crypto subjects rather than the random life subjects of it's users.

I have also taught about it that most people don't know about the crypto world presently instead like you said they will continue using their free social media platforms.

But I want us to know that such people need to be informed especially the way the crypto world is going now. They need to know about it learn about and also be enlighten about.

If this platform is been shared I mean in next coming years we will live in a world where the idea of looking for jobs especially in aspect of lack of unemployment will reduce most especially in Africa.

Not only people need to be informed they need to know about it most especially the females because I know basically we have few females in the crypto world.

So I feel it will be amazing sharing such platform to them.