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How has hardfork 20 affected you?
Have you noticed any difference at all?. Have your rewards gone up, down, or stayed the same?

That's a good question. Hardfork20 was something we were expecting. They've said there will be no problems, however we ended up with having a few days off. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, these things happen and if I can't help, at least I don't complain. 

What really happened was we were forced to realize how much Steemit and the community means to us. All Discord channels were full of people, I guess there were never so many people on Discord. Everyone was looking for answers. 

Apart from that, eSteem users had the advantage to do drafts, which was a huge help, I could plan ahead and make some post. RC and  Mana has affected us all for a few days, if was a slap on our face. Some users with low SP, especially the new users were hit hard, they were restricted pretty severely. I had to delegate to a friend so she could continue her work. Spammers seem to be gone and that's thanks to HF20.   

The best thing about HF20 is that delegations can be withdrawn in 5 days instead of 7, Curation time is changed wight is a huge win.  

It was hard to stay away from Steemit for a few days. I guess we all know that. It makes you realize how addictive it is, and this is good in my opinion. 


I was  a little skeptical about the hardfork 20 but it turned out fine for me. My resource credits are plentiful and I have no restrictions. This wasn't the case though until they tweaked the formula for the second time though.

I think the only benefit has been the curation rewards. before the hardfork authors upvoted their own posts restricting what curation was made by the supporters. I have basically doubled my curation rewards since the change. My account benefits from an extra 2.5-3 SP per week now which isn't huge but it all adds up.

There is less spam around now and there seems to be more serious users engaging on the posts. This could be down to the drop in the Steem price as well ,but I think in general the hardfork was good for me.


After the launch of hf20, I don't think the positive difference it brought are that noticeable on the platform. Though it made the steem blochchain scalable and reduce spam a little bit, its negative effects seem to be more pronounced on the blockchain that its pros.

Most genuine smaller accounts are finding it difficult to engage on the blockchain without experiencing rc shostage, when someone makes a post, most people wait till after 15 minutes before upvoting because they don't want to lose curation reward, giving upvotes also requires rc and this is making so many people relent from upvoting posts of smaller accounts etc. Engagement has greatly reduced after hf20. Though i can engage freely on the platform because I've been able to increase my rc to a considerable level.

Let's just hope that hf21 will address some of the challenges of hf20