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Would you accept a RFID chip in your hand to store your IDs and bank accounts and use it for any money transaction or identity verification?

I guess I would. A few years back I wouldn't even want to hear about such thing as I read about the analogy of it with the prophecy of the number of the beast from the bible and how bad such thing would be and so on. Nowadays though having an experience of a few decades with cash, IDs, going to banks and other time wasting paper work I think I would accept such a RFID chip. At least theoretically and at this hour when I am writing the comment. 

I don't know exactly though what implications such chip would have on my health and what else that chip might do to me. From what I read it seems that such a chip in one's hand has the ability of controlling one's emotions and even provoke him/her a heart attack. It might be true or not. Considering the ability of controlling one's emotions I think we are already being manipulated in such way through social media and the classic media also while killing someone from the distance is also probably a reality for the army and other secret services. 

The most important incentives that would determine myself to accept such a chip would be the ability to always have all my money and IDs by me at any time without carrying a wallet and having the possibility of loosing it or leaving it at home. I also believe that it would be a bit safer to carry money around on a chip than cash in your pocket. These are the things that would definitely make me accept it. I like having everything at hand, I like fast transactions being an impatient man and I also like simplicity at its max. I don't like total control over me though as this chip might involve. 

This thing could not only store my IDs and money but also track me everywhere I go, share my personal data such as location, health status, who am I with, how much money do I own and so on...to some authority that will know anything about me. That would make me say no to it. Bottom line I am 50/50 about the choice of such device. Depends on what is really capable of and who are the ones making it and their intentions. I can't trust anybody. 


Hell no! I do not trust banks or authorities in the first place and who would promise me that they would only use such a chip for the stated reasons...