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Who makes the laws and why?

Laws are made by the government and they are made to create order in the society. Without the law, the society will be lawless because there would be nothing to hold us accountable. Law makes man responsible or accountable for their actions. It's a guide that spells out the benefits or consequences for every act done by man in the society.

Without laws or rules, leadership will be very difficult because everyone would want to play the position of the leader. The law simply serve as a guide, instructor and prosecutor of man


Different people can make laws. Laws can be made by the government or by a council law can even be made by citizens when they fully agree together to create a law. And what is the essence of law, to guide them. There is always a saying that when there is no law, there is no sin. So I will say law are made to reduce sin. When you have law, you are expected to obey the laws not go against the law.