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What is the procedure to post On Steem hunt?
Explain in easy terms

very simple

1. Search for cool products on the internet. This would largely depends on your ability to use keywords and search engines.

2. When you find a product that piques your interest, use the search feature on the SteemHunt platform to check if the product has not be hunted by anyone before.

3. Once you have established that the product has not been posted before, voila! you have found a hunt for that day. Next to to download images/gifs of the product. 

4. Copy the direct product link, click the + sign on the SteemHunt platform (I am assuming you have a steem account), paste the product link and fill the required information in their respective columns, upload images/gifs about the product and then write a few words about the product as the hunter's comment. URL of videos about the product could be included.

5. Enter the relevant tags and click on post. You are done!