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How would you rank these internet sites for potential to generate earnings?
How would you rank these internet sites for potential to generate earnings? * youtube * udemy * instagram * steemit (and other Steem dApps) * setting up your own website * other that I've missed out Which is easiest? Which has highest potential for earnings?

I don't have a great frame of reference, as I haven't used some of the sites you mentioned, but I honestly rank STEEM blockchain number 1.

## YouTube.

I know with YouTube, you need to have a very large following to make money.  Building that following is hard.  @Dtube is a good STEEM option, and you can earn with a much smaller follower base.  The other option is to post to YouTube and like with @share2steem meaning you can earn steem from your YouTube videos (that will probably not earn anything from YouTube, but will make them money) - Thus STEEM wins this one unless you have already got a huge YouTube following.

## Udemy.

Had to google them, honestly.  Looks like a place you could learn some stuff, and if you can produce training courses, maybe make some money.  You can do all that on STEEM as well, but I don't know enough about Udemy to pass judgement.

## Instagram.

Don't use it either, but if you do, you can again share your Instagram posts to STEEM via @share2steem.  Not real sure of the monetization on Instagram, except for the accounts with squillions of followers.  @dlike is also a photo and article sharing platform on STEEM. - STEEM Wins 

## Your own website.

Depends on your skill as a web developer, designer, and what sort of website you want to set up.  Me, I have none of these skills, so for me STEEM wins again.  But, if you have a web business in mind, and can build and importantly market it, it could definitely make more money than STEEM - or not.

## Something Else.

There are many other ways to make money online - Affiliate marketing, other blogs, Facebook, faucets, mining, drop-shipping and the list could go on and on.  But, for the sheer variety of ways you can make money on STEEM (with some time, effort, networking and optionally investing) I rank STEEM overall the best choice personally.

## STEEM moneymaking options:

* @musing - obviously you are here, so can see how you can make money from asking and answering questions

* @steemmonsters - cards can be won (the system changes real soon) and the digital assets are your property.  Tournaments coming soon will give more money making opportunities.

* @actifit - one of the best ways going at the moment I believe.  Get payed (with upvotes and tokens) for your daily activity.  Rewards also available for delegating.

* @steemhunt - Similar to actifit and rewards for finding cool new products or curating other's Hunt posts.

* Blog on Steemit or Busy or whichever front end you prefer - Self explanatory.

* Contests, competitions and prizes - many way to make some money from these kinds of posts.

* @share2steem - post to steem and be rewarded automatically when you use other forms of social media.  

* Many of these and other dApps have delegation rewards and referal rewards.

* There are so many more options around STEEM.  So many other ways to earn.

Due to all the above, and the potential growth of the STEEM eco-system, it is where I have chosen to invest my spare time, and the best chance of improving my families finances that I can see.


This highly depends on 3 things:

  1. The type of content you are planning to create
  2. Your "target audience
  3. Your "expected reach".

Take for example a gamer who is planning to livestream some of his games, I for one think that Twitch and even Facebook Live (they now have a tipping feature) has the highest potential to earn for gamers out there as most of the people on Twitch are gamers and FB Live has a decent number of people who will pay you to watch you play. 

Case in point my friend who is now starting to earn on FB Live, it's not that much yet compared to what a blogger who has a huge following would have earned on Youtube, but considering his page only has less than 500 followers. I think he is doing pretty well.

Another example would be a product reviewer or one loves to do video blog tutorials, to which I think the best platform for them would be YouTube considering how YouTube is now the go to for people to learn stuffs.

As much as I love to rank Steem on a high number of the list, I just can't for one reason: The 7 day payout timeframe! 

Steem DApps/platform are good for personal blogs posts but not for tutorials, product reviews and/or even informative posts because it would take some time before people would really find a reason to read your post. Kinda like how you would probably not read a blog post about a cooking recipe here on Steem unless your wife or mother-in-law asked you to cook that specific recipe.

Point is after 7 days, contents here on Steem become somewhat meaningless payout-wise. That is why other platforms are good for long-term contents and Steem is good for short-term contents. 


YouTube is a very wonderful way to generate earnings through your video contents,but there are some challenges many people could face to be able to start earning consistently on YouTube because they have

some policies which makes it difficult for some people from certain countries to be able to get good earnings directly from YouTube,I still consider steemit as the best because it is a platform that anyone from any country

can effectively earn money with their contents on the platform and it is easier to understand how to use the platform and use it to effectively earn money...