Why is it easy to eat but very hard to loose weight, why can't we do it the other way around?

Valuable things are worth much more, losing weight, having a defined and healthy body, it costs a lot.

But things are obtained with effort, just imagine that we did not gain weight when eating, everyone would eat without stopping, without thinking that it would hurt the body so much fat or so much sugar.

Look at it as a warning that your body gives you, you gain weight, you have to worry more about yourself, see what you eat, at what time you eat it.

I know that many delicious things hurt and it is not bad to eat them from time to time, but you must be strong and resist that sweet or fatty taste that you like if you want to have a better life and a better body.


Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Eating and digesting food is exothermic reaction, while losing weight requires greater input of ordered energies to move the body in the direction of weight loss.

Just my conjectures.

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