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If you've find out that your partner has another anonymous facebook account are you still going to trust her/him?

It depends on what they're using the account for.

It could be that the account is no longer active and it was used only in the past to catch fun. (I am obviously not gonna judge him based on his past actions).

If the account is still in use, I'd ask why he has an anonymous Facebook account and what he is using it for. If he has a valid answer for me, I may investigate a little further but then, I'll die the matter.

Although, I may be a little more careful with him but I wouldn't completely mistrust him for just that act.

My partner has actually done worse and we're still standing.


Well lots of people have second Facebook accounts, it's what my partner does with the account that will determine whether or not I'll trust her. I'd do a little investigation and go through the page myself and try and get a sense of just what exactly my partner has been doing and posting about with that account.

If I see anything irregular or bothersome then I'd request to go through my partner's Facebook messenger for that account. If there's anything hidden or anything that she's been doing behind my back it'll be there. If she's willing to give me her phone to go through the account myself and I don't see anything then I'll let the whole issue go, but if I find some incriminating messages then I won't wait for an explanation, I'll just stop trusting her.

The thing is, I might not break up with her because I believe in second chances but then again, when I'm hurt I can be pretty petty and I just might go on ahead and open a second Facebook page for myself and catch a little fun too just to piss her off. Yes I know two wrongs don't make a right, but nobody remembers that when they're pissed.

As far as trust goes, that ship has sailed, I'll never be able to trust her again no matter what, especially if I've been faithful myself. I mean to open a special account just to cheat on me or do things behind my back is a serious issue and it's not something that a trustworthy person should do.

I hope this helps.


Having another anonymous facebook account is not reason enough for you to have mistrust issues in your relationship. Nowadays, social media is used for fun and people will want to have many accounts for fun activities. In a partner's case, you should find out the reasons behind his second account before drawing any conclusions.

It is not advisable to doubt your partner on the basis of an anonymous facebook account. It is kind of shallow and not really substantial. You should be convinced that he is using the account to do something wrong before jumping into conclusions. You might be surprised to find out that he/she is doing nothing bad.

So, in my opinion, I will trust my partner still until she gives me a reason to doubt her if and only if I come to the realization that she is using the account for something bad.


Well, I ll keep this short!

I would have made sure that she has no Facebook account at all, since I don't have either...but a STEEM / Steemit account!!!

I would show her round and eventually she wouldn't feel the need to blog on Facebook ever again!

A wise man said: When people realize the value of people around, they will flock to STEEM! 


maybe when the partner has another account, that means he already has a new account than the previous account, the question is is there our trust in his new account,

maybe we should discuss with him maybe the old account has forgotten the password or hacked by someone else.

and therefore he created his new account again, because the account that previously had many problems, or forgot the security of the password


I'm afraid that Trust will be ruined.

Why do you have an anonymous account?

This question will require some cogent reasons, if you can't give a reasonable excuse for doing that,then trust is ruined without repairs.

It might even lead to a divorce, if care is not taken. Transparency is vital, yet Trust is fundamental.

Have fun!