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What is the most important thing that men should understand about a woman?

Before I start I would like to put on a disclaimer that I don't represent the entire gender of Men. Now, That being said. Men always makes the mistake of treating the women as equal. Now before you pull out your feminist guns, hear me out. (You can shoot me later)

Apart from the basic physiological difference there is a big difference between a man and a woman. They way they think, feel and react. And there is no scale on which you can measure them in. Its true, although both belongs to same species the Male and Female are entirely different in the terms of psychological evolution. Woman has been more emotional, while man have embraced masculinity trait. This create a very big gap in the thought process. Again, before you shoot me let me be clear of the fact that this is just a general idea that I have of man and woman. It is not directed to a specific person. Although I have met man who are very gentle in nature and woman who can make the manliest man cry. 

And please don't misunderstand that Man and Woman cannot agree on the same point. I am saying that while they may agree for the same thing their reasoning behind that decision differs. Many men makes the mistake that the thought process of the woman is same as theirs, and find themselves in a wrong end explaining the intention. Men are mostly looking for logics, while women are driven by emotions. For a man the definition of clear is straight. While in the Woman's dictionary the definition of clear means detailed. And when trying to convey a point the Man appears as blunt to which a woman may not react well. Creating friction, Which I what should be avoided

What I am trying to say is that a man may spend his entire lifetime (Ok, make that at least 3 to be fair) there still be gaps to fill in his understanding of women. The women will be women no matter what. The same goes for the men. So instead of finding the similarities the best thing to do is embrace the differences. 

As for the mentioned question, the answer is very simple. Respect the women for who they are, a gentle and emotional counterpart of you.




One important thing every man should understand about women is that women are not perfect.

Generally everybody is not perfect but likewise also women, men should know that women are not perfect. By them knowing this, it will surely guide and help them also. The moment every woman have a fault to always blame on, the man will be careful when blaming her because he would have know that women are not perfect so definitely, they must have their own mistakes and they should be corrected gently.

So I believe the most important thing man should know about woman is that woman are not perfect.



That a woman is like a flower. You treat her right she will bloom and you treat her wrong she will wither away. Women are very fragile and should be treated with utmost care.

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That they are just human being as man.


That they could not treat women as they want.

They are human.

They have equal rights.


1...firstly No matter how much a woman actually loves you, she will not really never propose to you, but she will obviously keep giving you special hints which could make you propose to her...

2...We truly love an independent man....honestly Not the every woman in our society chase after money.....

3...some sudden messages from you do really makes us to actually feel special.....

4....We usually do love compliments!..

5...We definitely do really love doing shopping especially doing a window shopping....

6...We can sometimes abuse but it really does not actually make us to be mannerless...

7..We often love gossips....

8..We actually love surprises!

9...We really love men,and not boys.

10....We can often be highly unpredictable because we can really have a thousand of moods in just a day...

11...We really do hate it when we are being ignored, if you actually ignore us, then just know that you are really finished.lol...

12...We really do not like it when you actually appreciate some of your female friends in our presence without appreciating us too....

13...We really do not like comparisons.

14...We could be better detectives especially when we suspect our man is cheating...