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Why do you think some people become criminals?

I think most people become criminals as a result of the type of environment that they were born into. Most people are born into an environment where corrupt activities are the order of the day. In such environments, if you don't have God-fearing parents who take their time to mould you to become a productive child to their benefit and that of the society. Then you are doomed.

Some people also become criminals as a result of the kind of friends they keep. Friends are a Big influence to everyone in life. The type of friends one keeps determines what a person is or what he is thought to be. Why I am saying so is that even if you are not a criminal but you happen to keep criminals as friends when their unlucky day comes you might not be exempted from being prosecuted because you should know the kind of friends you keep and who they really are.

Poverty can also cause one to become a criminal but this happens only when you have refused to discover yourself, learn a skill or use your talents to make money for your self. It also depends on mindset because anyone who decides not to be corrupt will never be corrupt. So you cannot commit a crime and blame it on poverty when you have two hands and two legs which you can use to hustle but you refused to when even people that are less privileged or handicapped are hustling daily to make ends meet.


Crime is never good for our society and stopping crime is necessary in our society..many people engage in crimes and i believe that some of the reasons why some people become criminals is


When an individual is yet to truly disvover himself or herself,when an individual lacks goals and visions,when an individual is not rightly equipped with the right knowledge about life then of course such individuals will be tempted to become criminals when poverty comes knocking at their door....

2....lack of proper education

When i am talking about proper education i am not talking about going through the fall walls of the university,,i am talking about proper education that educates an individual about the knowledge and understanding about humanity and what we need to know about our society and also the negative effects that crimes do have on our society and how it also affects you as a person.....

3....drug abuse..

From my personal experience i reazlied that many people suffering from drug abuse tend to engage in so many criminal activities so that they could be able to make money from those crimes and use it to sponsor their addictions to drugs......e.g stealing money and using the money to buy drugs......

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Because they might have had  
psychological problem, or some traumatic issue in their childhood or some social pressures.

I want to give an example as a social pressure, Sometimes people behave badly to other people such as violence,  humiliation, anger. 

Also some people cannot keep their  anger under control. So this situation cause crime.

In some situations,if people have nothing, people can be mad at society. This might result in crime.

In some case, people might commit crime  unintentionally such as hunger or protection himself against attact.