As a married couple what do you together with your spouse regarding tough decisions?

The best thing to do with your spouse during tough situations, is to talk about it. If it's an argument based issue, we'd sit together and talk about it.

I'd let him cool off and we'd just mind our businesses for a while but we will eventually settle and if it involves begging him, I would to ensure we stick together for as long as we're alive.


“What do you ______ together with...”

There’s a missing word/phrase in the question, for it to be valid English...


What myself and my wife do is sit down and talk about it when we are not too tired. We spend a half an hour discussing our opinions and after that we both agree that she is right. 


I am not a married couple but I can answer this question. As a married couple, the best thing to do with your spouse we regarding a tough decision is taking the matter to God in prayers. He is our maker and there is nothing difficult for him to do.

So if we are in a state where we are finding it difficult to take a decision, then we put the matter in prayer and depending on how quick we need the answer we can also fast too while praying.

What we are to pray for is wisdom and knowledge from God so we can be able to make a wise decision. In less than no time, our prayers will be answered.

This is my own opinion regarding your question.


Well I'm not married so I'm not sure I can answer it perfectly well, but I'll leverage on what I saw my parents do when they were faced with tough decisions. I'll also tell you what my partner and I do when we're facing tough decisions as well.

First things first my parents never hid anything from each other, whatever my dad knew, so did my mom and whatever she knew so did my dad. They always made decisions together and I don't think there was a time a decision which concerned the entire family was made by only one person.

Whenever they were faced with tough decisions, my old man and my mom would take a long walk and discuss the pros and the cons of all their possible choices and then they'd decide on a singular thing to do and stick with it. Even when my dad would have his mind made up on what he wants to do, he'd still go and meet my mom and tell her and ask for her support. If she didn't give it then they'd talk things out and decide what the best course of action was.

With me and my partner it's basically the same thing, any relationship changing decision is made together. We don't keep secrets from each other and as such all our decisions are made together. If one person is in a better position to make a decision then the other person will follow his/her lead, for example, I love house hunting but my gf doesn't and I have more experience in it so when she was looking for a place to stay in school, she trusted my judgement and didn't argue with my decision.

I hope this helps.


i think for any successful marriage, understanding the differences between each other and communication are two key things. Regarding tough decisions, the nature or the course of action taken by both partners to deal with the problem can be totally different depending on each other's personalities. However, key to bridge the gap is the communicate in detail, explain each others solutions or reservations or perception of risk and identify a common problem. Marriage is teamwork really so to handle a tough decision, both I and my partner communicate about it. talk it out in detail, draw out a plan that both agree on and execute to deal with the problem and bite the bullet, so to speak. clarity of thought and words helps us deal with most problems. 


If it's really a tough decision that can't be taken within us, that's after we might have sat to talk about, we stil couldn't make a decision, I'll suggest a marriage counsellor for an assistance.

I think the counsellor might be able to help us in deciding whatever we couldn't .

My piece of advice:

Try to live in peace and harmony in your home, when you do this, there will be no tough decision for you not to be able to make.

As a matter fact, tough decisions may not even exist.

With love and Unity, you can defeat the world.

Have a great time.