What question you should ask yourself before getting married?

“Am I fucking crazy...?” 🤣


Marriage is not a funfare. It is not something that you rush into, either out of FOMO (Fear of missing out), ie, all your friends are getting married and all. You should also not get into marriage if you feel you are getting old. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when deciding to get married.

  • Am I ready to surrender: Marriage is more about surrendering our selfish selves to do the bids of our partners. It is more of them than us. Most times, our partner would want something entirely different from what we want. At this point, we have no choice than to surrender our choices for the sake of our partner.
  • Am I psychologically ready?: There is more to marriage than meets the eye. It has a lot to do with the psychology of a person. Are you psychologically ready to start up a family? Is your partner ready too?
  • Why do I want to get married?: If you don't have a "why", a "reason' to all your actions, you may get discouraged when it starts to flop. So, when you ask, "why do you want to get married?" and your answer is somewhat like, "to make a family", when you start having issues in the relationship, you'd be reminded of your reason for getting in.....in the first place and put things in order.

Have you lived with each other for more than two years?  If you haven't then you should not get married. You only know what a person is truly like if you lived with them 


These are the questions I will ask myself before getting married.

• I'm I ready?:  need to ask myself if I am ready for the marriage spiritually, physically, financially, psychologically and otherwise before taking my wife down the aisle.

• I'm I equal to the task?: I need to also ask myself do I have what it takes to be a husband or am I just rushing into this.

• Does this woman love me for who I am?: Most importantly, I will ask myself if the woman I am about to marry loves me for who I am or for what I am.


Hi there, 

I would like to answer this question on my own behalf. Well, If I am going to marry with someone then the first question I will ask from my self is-

I would like to answer this question on my own behalf. Well, If I am going to marry with someone then the first question I will ask from my self is-r not because marriage is not a joke. If I am marrying with someone then I will never left her at any condition or no matter what situation it is. I will try my best to make her life more beautiful and happy. 

Thank you & Have a Good Time :-)


- Is she/ he really the one?

-Am I ready to lift life's burdens with this person...forever?

-Is she/ he the proper mother/ father for my kids?

-Can I imagine myself being with this very person after 20 - 30 40 years?

If all the above questions have a YES as an answer then I think you are ready!

Marriage is something holy. And the ultimate goal is to have a family...raise kids. Otherwise there is no point in getting married.



I think before getting married, it is important to spend as mcuh time as possible to get to know the person before deciding to spend the rest of one's life with anyone. It is important to know that both the people understand the similarities and differences between each other and respect it. It is also important to give the partner breathing space to be able to act like oneself once in a while. Insecurities about things should be identified and whether one can communicate over different things despite having different opinions is important. after a point in time, the partner is the confidant or the go to person to discuss any and all negative and positive thoughts, therefore understanding this compatibility is key to a successful marriage. trust is another important factor. both you and your partner should trust each other. there will be times when either of you has to be away on business trips and having trust and no insecurities about being away from each other is also important. last but not least, what kind of expectations does each on have from the other. failing on expectation at a later stage that one wouldn't have met to begin with can be a disaster. 


I'll simply ask myself the following questions:

Am i In love with this guy: like it or leave marriage can't stand a test of time, if you don't love each other.

So I'll ask myself again if i love him enough to want to marry him and to spend the rest of my life with him.

Am I supportive: No matter how much you love him or he loves me or how beautiful i am, I should be able to support him emotionally, morally, spiritually, psychologically, financially (very important), intellectually and even physically.

Financial supports in marriages is very important, it will enable him do some vital things he needs to do with money, like buying houses and opening a business for the family.

I think this is basically is what a lady especially, needs to consider before rushing into marriage.

Thank you.