Is it really advisable to share all information to your spouse to get his/her trust?

I share almost my entire life with my spouse and it doesn't matter if I'm trying to get his trust or not.

A relationship is between two people and from what I understand, you should always tell your partner everything happening with you. Always fill them in.

It is not advisable to hide some information from your spouse and if they find out, they'll be really mad.

Trying to gain his/her trust or not, share all relevant information with your spouse.



Of course not

Some information are sensitive. Imagine you work in a law firm, law enforcement agency or audit company. You can't just reveal it all to your spouse just because you need his or her trust

For issues that involve both of you, do reveal everything. Hold nothing back

For corporate and/or sensitive information, reveal to only those who have clearance

AMD if your spouse is always trying to make you reveal confidential information, be wary. He/she could be trying to use you


Well first things first, whether or not you're looking for your spouse's trust, you're supposed to share all relevant information with them. You're a team and if one person is misinformed then the team is misinformed. In my experience transparency is the best thing for a relationship to succeed and in most cases if it's not there then the relationship will fail.

Secondly, trust in a relationship is something that you shouldn't have to go looking for, but if you find yourself in a position where you need to gain your spouse's trust then not withholding any information from them is probably the best way to do it. I mean, trust is earned and if being open is what's required then that's what you should do.

The one thing that tears relationships apart the most are secrets, I mean there are certain things that your spouse is better of not knowing, but as long as you decide to be with someone then their business is your business and yours is theirs so any information that you have should reach their ears as well.

I don't see any reason why I'd hide anything from my spouse, experience and even movies have proven that it's a terrible idea. Besides, whatever you withhold from them may eventually still get to their ears and they'll be left wondering why you didn't tell them about it.

I hope this helps.


If first if you think you are definitely going to get her trust by sharing that information, then why not. I will not hesitate to keep anything from him or her. Afterall she is my spouse.


Hell nooooo. If you ever intend to do such a thing, consider it very very carefully what information you wish to share. If you think you have to, wait at least until you have been together with that person for a couple of years.


transparency is super important in a relationship. it helps one get comfort and surety and helps build trust. hiding something that the spouse finds out later will lead to uncomfortable questions and also cause a situation where one has to defend oneself. most likely, one will not be heard at that point and defense will not work. 

also, why would you want to hide somethign from your partner. if you'e taking large debts and blowing away money and savings then, you aren't a good partner. if you;re cheating on your partner then you might as well end the marriage. i think one has to hide only those things that one knows are wrong. so one is at fault to begin with. if you're honest and doing everything right and have a solid understanding with your partner, then you will be transparent and honest 100% of the time. there will be no need to hide things. 


This is very important, if you can't share all informations with your partner, who will you then share it with?

Your Partner is your most trusted ally, your confidante; so it advisable your share all informations with your partner.

If you don't trust your partner enough to open up everything to him or her, then I dont see any reason why you two were joined together.

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