Which supernatural power do you prefer, telepathy or technopathy?
I'd prefer to have telepathy. The problem with technopathy is that the affects are rather apparent when you are using that supernatural power and therefore harder to hide that power if you want to. Considering the fact that other foreign countries would love to weaponize technopathy if they could as part of a cyberwar strategy that would make anybody with that supernatural power a target.

Telepathy is far more subtle. There isn't nearly as much affect to observe as telepathy is being used. If I had that supernatural ability I would hide my telepathic ability and since I live in a world where telepathy isn't considered a real thing by most people it would be easy for me to hide it. Even if someone suspected I was telepathic there's very few easy ways to prove it. If someone tried to expose me as a telepath they would probably appear to be crazy and it would be my word against their word. Since telepathy isn't considered real people would more likely believe me.

The best part about people suspecting you are telepathic and then being reassured there is no such thing as telepathy is that once they are reassured the first thing people always think is, "Thank God he's not telepathic. If he could really read my mind then he would find out that..."

At least that's what I've read in fictional stories. Of course I don't know that first hand as a fact. Telepathy isn't real. Everybody knows that.
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As technopathy gets refine closer and closer to biology in cybernetics, we're going to achiever telepathy, I feel that the answer is one and the same, just to the level of advancement

I know many do not believe in telepathy, but there have been rare occurrence of recorded of partially telepathy, I believe someday if we continue to nurture technopathy (like our current crude mobile phone device plugin into our ears via bluetooth), we will approach what would look like magic in the next few decades

I vote we continue with our current path of technopathy
I think I'd rather prefer technopathy.
I really wouldn't need to connect with anyone.
This is the world of technology.
I have always admired those with technopathy prowess and that would sure be my pick
Well since I already have Technopathy covered, I'll go with Telepathy. lol, my definition of Technopathy -- When you can smell and hear a distressed server from 20 feet and immediately know what's wrong with it.
I'd go with technopathy. That way I don't have to get up and get the remote to switch on the the television.