What does it mean to recover an account in Steemit?

If your account was hacked by someone, then you can use the trustee function of Steem to recover your account. For that, you will need your last owner private key. That is, the last master password you used before your account got hacked. 

If you created your account via Steemit's sign up method then you can recover your account by  visiting https://steemit.com/recover_account_step_1

After visiting this page, you will see the following form. You can then start the recovery process by filling the form.

Note that this method will not work if you wait too long. You can recover the account within 30 days of its hack. 


Recovering account means if you have lost your account access or you have lost your steem accounts master key and you want your master key again back that means recover. There are normally one recovering system works that works though your gmail. You have to go first on steemit and have to click on forgotten password and then you have to type you recent password you have used before. And after some days steemit will send you your new password on your gmail.



Accounts get hacked often on the steemit platform and when this happens, it means you no longer have access to the account.

Recovering this account is the series of processes you go through to get it back.

You have up to 30 days from the time it was stolen to recover it and your last known master key would be required of you.

You can easily begin the Account Recovery process by clicking on the three strips at the top right corner of your account and clicking on Recover Account.