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What would you call the greatest invention of our time?

Internet is the greatest invention of our time.

Internet has made a great progress in these years form dialup network to high speed wireless network. Now we has access to internet almost all our world. 

Internet has changed our lives completely. We are very much dependent on the internet now a days and it has changed our way of life.

With the help of internet we get socialized with the people all the globe.

We have flourished our businesses through it.

We have access to the knowledge.

Where internet has many advantage there are few drawback also

By excessive use of internet our children are becoming addictive and physically less active.

We are connected socially with globe but we are not aware of our neighbors.

There are chances that our children get involved in bad company if not kept an eye on them. 

In conclusion I can say that despite of some concerns about internet it has facilitated our lives in great aspects.  



Without toilet, many of us could have been dead due to bad hygienic conditions.

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Easily the internet. It has changed our lives in so many ways. I mean for something to put the United States Postal Service out of business for the most part that is pretty huge. Plus you have access to instant data at your finger tips. The possibilities are endless at this point. 


Depends on what our time means. In the 20th century, the fabrication of semiconductor devices changed the world by giving us exponentially growing computing power and memory at the same price. All the hundreds of gadgets with a microprocessor inside them that surround us and all the social chances they brought about were made possible by the cheap mass production of integrated circuits etched on silicon chips.


Internet indeed,

Because of Internet, we can get so much information, we know the world so well,

It is so easy for us to communicate with each other.


There are so many awesome inventions of our time that we can't just pick one as the greatest of them all. All inventions are important and they are playing important roles I'm making life easier for mankind. Regardless of how small a role an invention is playing in the world, it is solving a problem. And as long as such an invention is solving a problem, it is one of the geta test invention of all time.

So if I should answer your question, I would say the greatest invention of all time is any invention that is making life easy for man by solving problems that man would take greater effort to solve


The internet without a doubt. The world is quite literally at our finger tips now. Before to reach someone you had to write a leter and send it through the postal service or go to a library to look somethign up. Now we can do it all from our cell phones. It is amazing to be able to instantly talk with someone on the other side of the globe.