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Why do people have to get a health care plan?
People have lived hundreds of years in this planet without a health care plan. What is so important about it now that people got to have it?

That's a very nice analogy you have put across and I tend to agree at it. During primitive days we did not require any health care plans because there were no such problems which were are now facing in this dynamic world. If you just see at the Climate conditions you would have noticed a drastic change - what kind of climate it used to be back 5 Years and now - there would be a huge difference. 

Things around us have changed drastically may it be Air, Water or any essential commodities there is a lot of change in it. By the term change, I mean if you were to take an example of Air - then the fresh quality Air which was 10 Years back isn't now. With a lot of Vehicles on roads and factors contributing to Air, polution has reduced the Quality in Air. This in itself has caused or rather is a reason for many diseases like Asthma, eye infections, respiratory issues, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and man more.

Coming to your question as to why we need Health Plans now is because of the reasons the things have changed now. We everyone now and then sees some sort of a disease coming up and people needs to protect themselves from it. Medications involve hefty amounts that could hit your saving and that is the main and primary reasons that Health Plans is mandatory in this dynamic world where we are living in.

It also reminds me of the famous diagram from policyx - which is very self-explanatory showcasing as to why Health Plan is needed. Please have a look:-

Considering the era we are in we need the Health Care Plans and as rightly drawn by Policyx in a circular form displaying the needs to have a Healthcare plan. Some of the reasons are listed as follows:-

1. Reduces Financial Liablities

An emegency during an health criis could hit your saving hard. Hence, inorder not to exhaust your saving its always recommeded taking a Health Care plan.

2. Peace of Mind -  Everone wants that peace of mind. When a person knows about that he has a Health Care plan that covers issues related to this health than he or she is at ease and doesnt worry wrt. to any health issues that may arises - they all are at peace.

3. Health Expensives & Qulaity Sevice  - A health care plans cover all your expenses incurred towards a health crisis. Also, the services provided by these healthcare units or organizations are of the utmost high-quality standards. A person need not worry about any other issue and he can just relax and be at peace once he is admitted to the Hospital. Rest other things like expenses, medicines, services etc are all taken care off.

Finally will conclude on a note that gone are the days where everything in the Air was good, good food with no adulteration, no pollution etc..We are living in very dynamic worlds and things have changed - Hence I highly recommend on having a Healthcare Plan to all as the famous saying goes - Health is your Wealth so take care of it properly.


Your right, we didn't always have modern medicine, and people would die from common colds and flu's regularly.

With advances in medicine, and modern science, having healthcare improves your quality of life, and can extend it many years if you have health issues that need resolve. 

This simple answer is, you should try to obtain health care, because we are more educated today on human biology, medicine, and health, than we've ever been in the past. 


You need insurance because the rest of us are tired of paying for you when you use the hospitals and skip out on the bill! Duh! Unless you are independently wealthy, you can't afford your ER bill and won't pay it.  That leaves us insured people to split the bill on your behalf.  Say "Thanks" to the new requirement for people to be responsible.  It's about time!