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What advice would you give steemians that want to give up ?
Due to the circumstances of the price of steem and the stress not being equal to the payout, most steemians are having the thought of quitting steemit. What advice do you have for them??

Don't give up! There's no use in it, just keep on doing your thing and make connections, provide engagement and collect them tokens on the side!

For real, Steemit is a social media site. To some extent everyone obviously cares about the money aspect a little bit, but it shouldn't regulate our involvement with others. Steemit needs us and STEEM as well, to be active and prove the benefits of the platform before the currency will go back up. 

I honestly think we're close to rock bottom. I really think the price of STEEM will recover as well as the rest of the market. So, that being said, just forget about it and continue to use the platform as it is meant to be used. Musing also is providing us with the opportunity to earn even more STEEM while the naysayers lose interest. 

Regardless of what happens with the market, I'm on this platform for the long run. I think there is real potential here and it also provides us with the ability to connect with so many different people around the world. Through my brief time on Steemit I've created a small, yet worldwide close friend group- something that would not exist had I never used the platform. I am too broke to go this year but I certainly plan on attending Steemfest in Poland next year and couldn't be more excited to meet some Steemians in real life. 

So if you or any of your friends are thinking of giving up simply don't. Just see it as an opportunity to collect more Steem without being so concerned with the market. We will recover, I really believe that. 

Even right here we're seeing another example of how Steemit is beneficial. You needed a question answered, and here people are to answer you. I guess technically the platform is Musing but Musing wouldn't exist without Steemit(well maybe it would but you know what I mean). 

Don't give up. Even with developments on steemit.com being somewhat lacking there are plenty of people out there attempting to make things better for all of us- for instance the amazing steempeak.com and the people behind that. Just keep on doing your thing, and worry about all that stuff later. 



My advice for them is not to give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the best time to make friends and accumulate STEEM. When STEEM rise, they reap the fruit of forging ahead during the trying period.

Now is the time to double up your post quality, make friends via commenting, participate in different communities discord servers, utilize the many opportunities on the platform such as Utopian, Musing, Dtube, Hede and so on.

Winners are not quitters


I would advise anyone who is serious about the platform to stick around for a while. There are constantly new developments occurring with the Steem Blockchain that will add even more value to Steem. 

The value of the Steem you get is always equal to the payout. It's encumbrant upon the current value of Steem during the time of payment.

So I would say keep on Steeming because with many people leaving, it's a good time to accumulate Steem Power. Use this downtime to your advantage. You will regret giving up if Steem increases 10X in value. 

I hope this answer helps!


Keep on Steeming, keep on commenting, network and join communities worry about making money and the price later!

Use all the available apps to spread yourself around dlive, dtube, steem press, steem monsters, musing, dsound, use as many as you can! Leave meaningful comments to earn supporters and friends!

Never surrender, never look back!


Look in the long term, not short term, because from my personal opinion crypto is not for short term. Try to imagine what will happen to the price of steem + sbd around 5 years or more from now before they think of quit steemit.

Even bitcoin need a long time before the price went really high. I remembered bitcoin price was around $30 in 2011, many people thought btc won't live long, so they didn't care too much about it, only few people collected it. 

7 years later, bitcoin price became very high and many people use it these days. Those who collected btc since many years ago got a huge profit. So think about this possibility first before give up on steemit.