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Do you find many of the questions here on musing super cringy?
Ok, I get it. Some people want to get that musing upvote badly. But come on, at least pretend that you try and not just post the first thing that pops in your mind!

Hey @Trumpman, great to see you here, lemme try to answer your question in proper musing fashion.

While there will be no true answer to your question, I think you managed to observed 3 things working hand-in-hand.

1) the result of low entry barrier.

Super cringy compared to what? personally I compare Musing to Quora, because sites like Ask.com and Yahoo Answers are sometimes full of cringy question and answers too! in fact, even Quora itself has some juicy material. So much so that I am subscribed to the r/indianpeoplequora Subreddit because holy shit.... The stuff you can read on there... DANK...

Quora however, has some "quality control" over what content gets seen on the frontpage, Basically a form of censorship if you're about that. It takes some effort to look for cringy dankmeme level question and answer on there.

Musing, as you know, works on the Steem Blockchain. All forms of censorship (including top-down quality control) is out of the window. It doesnt take much to get your content seen by everyone. with quality control removed, you'll see stuff you dont like.

2) Incentivised  content creation

I think this is reflective of the whole blockchain itself. On Quora or Yahoo Answers, at least the reason people asks questions has something to do with real demand (How to hide a dead body inconspicuously, need answers quick). Even then, you'll get weird question. 

Here on Musing, there are people who asks questions for the sake of asking questions. Mostly in hopes of getting them upvotes (IMO they are completely missing the power of the musing platform). I'd imagine you'll type some weird shit when you run out of question to asks. 

3) Difference of culture

I think this is obvious as fuck. 

One quick look at the website, you'll see that Americans are not the majority of users around here. At least they are not the only majority. People in other places have different ways of thinking and it might be offputting to you and me.  (I'm not American btw)

Just look at all the morality related question and answers here and you'll get what I mean.

To conclude

So there you have it! At least these are what i can come up with my rationale. There are of course other factors at play here. I guess unlike Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc where we're content with our virtual walled garden, here on the Steem Blockchain we're seeing the world as it is. One that is not tailored to our personal worldview. 

Personally I like it that way. Better to hear all the noises on the world than be stuck in my echo chamber. 

Even If i have to deal with people who are cringy as fuck.


Well, I have made my peace with it. Until musing gives us a downvoting option then there is nothing we can do about the sanity of this place. Many are gaming the platform, and to be honest, I do not have a problem with that, you might even consider what I do on this platform as gaming, giving the number of questions and answers are put out each day. However, quality, which is relative by the way, comes to be maintained. It has always been a debate here what quality is. Now, we might have a contrary view but I believe even at that, we can control our timeline--using can give us control over what we want and don't want to see.

If not the downvote option, there should be a mute button. There are bad users here and we know them. If we can mute them then we can avoid seeing their cringe-worthy questions/answers. This will make it easy to find relatable questions and answers, creating a more pleasant experience for the end user.


There does seem to be some profiling going on from the questions asked. Drilling for information, which can then be used to try guess passwords you may use.

This is something that any question and answer platform should watch out for.

A key point to this is the personal questions asked over and over again. These are questions that do not have a right answer and down to a personal choice. 

Answering these questions can lead to an account been hacked, Maybe not your Steemit account. You mail or other passwords used on other sites can be gained in some circumstances  using these methods.

Favourite colours favourite places all of those types of questions offer no value to the platform or to any reader, I see them simply as information for manipulation gathering.

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Yeah to be honest some questions really are. I like the last line of yours . We have such a nice platform and we should make proper use of it and by that the answer seeker and the giver should get the benefit out of it and even who is watching the question or going through it should get to learn something. 

Some of the questions does not really makes sense but as anybody can ask any kind of questions than nothing to say about that. 

While Musing curation guideline has few points that a user should try to stick up with so that we can make proper use of this community.

New users should go through it.



Some are not only cringy but leave me wondering what thought process led to a person asking such a question , if this is what they are sharing what are they holding back ?