What is going to happen to STEEM?
Do you think STEEM will rise by the end of this summer ?
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Unfortunately, the whole crypto market is still skewed by the price of bitcoin. If bitcoin suffers a fall, the others including steem normally follow.

I suspect we'll see an upturn later this summer and steem should see a rise too. The intro of auto registering of accounts will help lots plus of course.... drumroll.... SMTs.

Once these are introduced I'd be surprised to see steem still outside the top 30. There's plenty of upside potential....
All of crypto was on a downward trend for a while now and it seems to be picking back up. I heard that someone from Mt. Gox was selling their bitcoins too from @ackza : https://steemit.com/steem/@ackza/steem-up-9-95--more-than-most-a-2018-5-5-17-27-4. STEEM and most other coins follow bitcoin right now unless something dramatic happens for them. But with HF20,SMTs, Hivemind on their way and great DApps like musing, dlive, dsound, utopian already out, STEEM seems to be on the up and up. Plus we got great things like STEEMMONSTERS which I don't know what to define as, not 100% a DAPP, but they have the traits and they save data on the steem blockchain using custom json so everything can be recreated.

With all that, I say that STEEM will rise. So many great things are on it.
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That's right but just imagine when the register gets easier and everyone who wants and account will just get it
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Its a time constrained question, in longer time, may be in a year, it will definitely get to the mainstream and will have much better value. I would expect it to reach at least 100 $ from a year now.
I had been in Steemit for about 7 months, when Steem was higher than I was. I guess in the summer Steem will increase the value by the updates of the dev team, and with the development of the dapp. Steem will come back :)
Yes, I do think it will.
according to the experience of last year's end of the season is the time of rising steam prices but we need to analyze more deeply What is the current steam price movement