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Steem just pumped to $1.86, WHY?
Why did it happen ?

I am getting different results here because the values I am getting are not up to $1.86 or maybe I am mistaken.

If that happens to be the case then that means the whales or rich investors have invested huge amounts of money into the steem blockchain.

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It looks like an error on coinmarketcap in the KRW exchange rate (and probably the volumes are also wrong). If you look at the actual Upbit exchange for Steem / KRW the price does not get above 1,050 (so less than 1,114 which is the equivalent of $1).

Interestingly it looks like the issue did make Steem jump on other exchanges, including over 5% on Binance, although it has now fallen back almost all the way. It just shows you the power of the coinmarketcap website!


It was due to the fact that he received a large purchase of cryptocurrencies in the exchanges of korea Bithumb and Upbit, taking it to the point where in these exchanges the value was about 7 dollars per steem, although if you realize that, the error was corrected. part of coinmarketcap


I really have no clue, but I like that for sure. When I first saw the question I couldn't believe my eyes, but yeah. that's what coinmarketcap says also. Probably some whale bought a serious amount of tokens.